The return of Carl Jacobs

Carl Jacobs has been away since BAD INFLUENCE in 2008, but finally he’s back. Earlier this week he posted a message on his twitter page CarlJacobsXXX, saying, “OK I think its time I got in touch wi @LiamColeTIM @TIMPorn @TrzrIslandMedia My ass is twitching to get in front of the camera again! 😛“.

The pictures here are a reminder of why I’ll definitely be taking him up on that offer.

    1. Not sure if he escorts but he has a bbrt profile: abadinfluence – you could ask him there! Or on his Twitter I guess.

  1. Thrilled to see Carl will be back…..he was singularly the hottest guy in Bad Influence….would luv to watch him take more raw cock and cum, a fist or two, maybe drink some piss….

  2. Excellent! He’s adorable, fucking sexy, hot and fun to watch! He makes sex in front of the camera look so easy! :o)

  3. I’d be up for daddy fucking this stud, putting him though his paces and giving him my stamp of approval . Joe

  4. Good news indeed – both scenes in Bad Influence involving Carl are go to scenes to watch if I want to get off. Would love to see a super intense one-on-one with him that has both fucking and fisting. Or just a long and deep arse play session, heck, you get where I’m coming from.

  5. When our ready fr sorting this mn out , let me know. I’m up for putting him through his paces. Joe

  6. Fuck this guts worth watching out for. I’ve never took a fist( but there’s an itch that needs scratching) would love to take one from the guy in the pics, they make t look o fuking hot. Joe

  7. can t wait to see him. He has a really good connection with its breeder…
    What about a full tape with him a some UK branded daddies?

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