ANNOUNCING: The Winner of The Entire T.I.M. Collection

Last month we challenged our fans to help us reach 5,000 likes on FACEBOOK and in return we would give away  a set of our entire DVD collection. Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we’ve made it to the 5,000 fan mark and are coninuting to grow likes, daily. 

Of course, now it’s time to announce our winner. Congratulations to ALEX SANCS of Dallas, Texas. Alex will soon be enjoying every DVD ever made by TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA. From what Alex has told us, he plans to be locked up in his house for the next few weeks with his new collection. Of course as any horny fucker would, he more then welcomes well hung, cum-loving visitors to enjoy his prize too. 

Thank you  to all of our fans. Know that this is just the beginning of our online shenanigans, so stay tuned, stay connect and keep fucking!

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