PAUL’S PHOTOS || The Ballet Dancer

When Trevor asked me if I wanted to photograph a ballet dancer I just said “Sure” without thinking about what it might entail. I was completely unprepared.

I always let men find their own poses. With this man, we went through a very long sequence of stances that were foreign to me. My tradition is pornography: casual, incidental, unposed. His tradition is formal, practiced, artful. His movements as he went from one pose to the next were smooth and graceful.

He was absolutely present and willing, but at the same time there was a passivity–a need to be directed (or choreographed)–that felt almost doll-like. For the first half of the shoot I felt as though I was working with a human-sized beautiful porcelain figure.
His legs and feet were wonderful. In order to avoid the posing and get something more natural I talked with him while holding the camera away from my face. Most of the shots were bad, but a few captured something.
I let myself feel his legs. The muscles were extraordinary and his reaction was completely unexpected. I knelt in front of him and put his feet between my knees. Reacting to my gestures, he folded his arms so I told him to put his arms up.

I had Trevor come over and position his hand on the young mans genitals. At that moment, the dancer’s cock was throbbing intensely. Later Trevor told me this was an amazing moment for him. Not because he was touching a cock—Trevor’s a man with plenty of experience—but because there was something almost radiant here.

I was (as usual, I guess) at a loss. So I left the room for a very long time. When I came back I had the strong feeling he was unhappy. He’d given up. And finally I felt on more familiar ground.

I learned later that the dancer had expected to pay me for the session. I was shocked.

The session had lasted a couple of hours. In the end I had to wonder why he’d come to me. Did he expect me to strip away his formality and years of training?

In this last shot I was able to recognize him in my terms, open and available and fully sexualized. I’ve never felt so strongly the translation of a man from one vocabulary to another.

  1. What an amazing and deep analytical way of a shoot, I truly admire your clarity of thought Paul,
    As a former classical ballet dancer myself I can completely put myself in the dancers position, but also as a porn actor I can put myself in the “typical” porn actors role / poses / moods erotiscism etc, but also as a photographer myself also, both nude/erotic as well as clothes, I can see where you are coming from, the transition is immersive and very intriguing

    Hugs anton Dickson

  2. It would look more erotic with a PA ring on his dick.
    Love his sweet and innocent look!

  3. This boy is beautiful. You can tell he has amazing posture. I wonder what he would look like if his head was in the pillow with his ass in the air!

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