Public Enemy Number One, Paul Morris

Public enemy number one, Paul Morris –¬†Corrupting America’s youth one Facebook Like at a time.

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  1. Paul Morris is the man! I follow him on facebook and Twitter! The man is very intelligent.

  2. Hey Paul, your the man. I’m a TIM marked man here in the UK, not sure there are any others…. Yet . Would love to have your signature tattooed on my ass, or at the side of my original tattoo above my cock. What’s the chance of you putting your signature in permanent marker, then I shoot off down to the parlor and get it inked for real? Would also be up for a stud or studs in your stable adding their autograph after a good ‘ topping’ or ‘Bottoming’ then officially ‘signing off ‘ the session…Again , what are the chances of you making that happening ? Keeping the faith… Joe UK

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