Sunday Funnies, with a TIM Twist

No matter what generation you are from, we all remember waking up early on the weekends, to enjoy cartoons and our favorite bowl of sugary cereal. For those who can remember getting the paper, you will also recall that Sunday’s were the best comic days. As mom would clip coupons, you would settle down with Garfield, Charlie Brown, Joe Palooka and The Invisible Scarlet O’neil. Those were the days, right?

Though the decade may have changed, and we’ve grown out of our footed pj’s, it’s still nice to return to those youthful routines from time to time. To help you reclaim your childish weekends, we’ve pulled together a few Sunday cartoons, with a bit of a Treasure Island twist. Enjoy!


The Twist Party – This one is rough and hot

Hentai Gay Prison Action – Prison anime scene

CARTOON PORNo – Some classics with a HOT twist

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