TIM SOLDIER: Doug’s Care Package

Last week we introduced you to DOUG, a soldier in Afghanistan who we’ve adopted as one of our very own TIM Men (read his introduction HERE).¬†¬†DOUG, is a man who is seriously into cocksucking and has enjoyed sharing his stories with Paul Morris. Here’s his most recent email.

Of course as soon as Paul read this email, he enlisted a team of men to get Doug and his fellow Cocksuckers at War some supplies. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful at getting booze to him but we were able to get him a stock of socks, jerky, snacks, soap and of course some Treasure Island Media Porn.

DOUG’s Care Packages Ready to Ship

Stay Connect with Doug each Tuesday, here on The TIM Island Blog.

Want to share a story or experience with Doug? Leave a comment here and we will make sure it gets to him.

Doug is also known to cruise our Suck Dick Save The World Site from time to time. If you see him or any other soldier on their be sure to thank them, for your freedom to suck dick.

  1. I see you were shopping at Costco…I used to work for them at a Southern California location. There was a group that would come in at least once a week buying supplies for the troops. I thanked them whenever they were in shopping, and I wanted to thank you for sending such a great care package…especially the porn! Nothing like a care package with some good ol’ bareback fucking!

  2. That is quite the care package. Good for Paul and the Treasure Island team for taking such good care of our soldiers. They work hard for us so it’s good that we show them our appreciation….even if it is with a stockpile of bareback porn!!

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