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Hi again, guys! Another week, another lot of naughty adventures in my little corner of the world—this week mostly was the joys of Treasure Island Media, as I’ve been shooting a few really horny scenes for Liam Cole. The first scene was with awesome hot bottom lad Carl Jacobs, who we haven’t seen since he did a horny scene with TIM in Liam’s “Bad Influence.” It was steamy hot from the moment I entered the bedroom, rimming and fucking him good, and making him gag on my fat cock, till I shot a load up his horny little butthole.

Next scene was a few days after, when I got to fuck a new recruit to the TIM stable, an awesome hot French guy I found for TIM (I don’t even know his porn name yet, he’s that fresh to the market, hehe). He was a horny muscle guy with a gorgeous bum to eat out and finger, and he took my fist as well—which of course made me even harder and hornier, making me slap my rock hard meet up his horny bumhole.

I also got to do a fantastic horny scene with the same bottom lad and awesome top/versatile lad Luke Pacoe, who has a massive knob. It was truly amazing, this fucking horny threesome scene with us pinning the French lad from both ends till we both shot up his bumhole, after double fucking him and fisting him till he was gagging for more.

But, being my usual self, that wasn’t enough to satisfy my huge sexual appetite (hehe). So the evening after the first shoot, I had a horny young Asian boy over. Barebacking his smooth hole and watching him gag on my fat cock was very satisfying, I have to say—I loved watching him lick my balls and suck my floppy cock even after I dumped two loads up him, while I was watching telly over his horny bumhole and fingering him enough to make him moan.

The sun has been out as well recently here in London, which brings out all the t-shirt clad lads on the lawns. On my way home through the park, I locked eyes with a local Arabic hotty and, as a true professional, I enticed him to come into the park toilets (with one look, not too obvious but not too subtle either, hehe), where I went into a cubicle and he joined me. He went down to his knees straight away and started sucking me. When I was getting really close, I pulled him up and pulled down his shorts and shot my load in his hole—he was moaning with pleasure.

Looking up, we realised we had an onlooker, an older guy was peeking over the toilet cubicle walls and obviously wanking on the other side, loving it. I’ve aways been a bit of an exhibitionist, and always aim to please my onlookers, hehe, so as the show-man I am, I pulled out my cummy cock from the guy’s bumhole, pushed him down on the toilet seat, and shoved my cock in his face; and he started licking up the last drops of cocks still oozing out of my cock.

I have to admit there were more, but I’ll tell you about them another time. In the meantime here’s another little video for you to enjoy.

All the best till next week, keep it cumming!



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  1. For once when I was 13 I sucked over 33 year old sleeping, he was a twin, they were passed out drunk, he was like 8 inchs cut soft. Then I tried the his friend I started unzipping his pants and he woke up, so i went back ro the unconscious one and put my hands up hes shorts and pulled it out and sucked on it.

  2. Thanks guys

    Much appreciated,
    An much love

    Anyone want to be filmed for some of my art projects please contact me through my blog
    And I’ll get back to you
    I’m also on twitter nowadays


    Hugs a

  3. Why not come to East Yorkshire? David Hockney Country.. As beautiful as your imagery and imagination. X joe UZ

  4. AwSome, amaizingly , enchantingly artistic. I could watch this imaginatively, engaging visual chemistry until it stimulates every sense in mind body and spirit . Total respect . Joe Uk

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