TIM Soldier Keeps it Together in Afghanistan

Doug is a U.S. Army Sergeant serving in Afghanistan. If you’re following his STORY on our blog, you know that we’ve been supporting Doug and his unit with care packages and moral support.

This week, the news from Afghanistan is more bleak than ever. In Doug’s particular location (undisclosed for security reasons), bombing has been heavy and tensions are very high among military personnel.

Whether it’s lingering fallout from the KORAN burnings, reactions to the U.S. soldier charged with shooting Afghani civilians, or general unrest across the nation, our man DOUG has been pulling long days with little rest.

Despite all of the the chaos in Afghanistan, DOUG found time to log on and give us an update via email:

“Yo, Paul: This shit over here is nuts. They’re bombing the hell out of us night and day! When you’re already in a high stress job, it’s not helping that we’re living in full FPCON DELTA (definition HERE), which is the highest threat level we have.

I’m an MP (Military Police) and the suicide rate is high in my field. I’m just trying to hang on and keep my shit together…you know, staying focused on the future and reminding myself that this shit isn’t forever. This is my third tour over here, so I kind of know the deal at this point. Lately, though, it’s been getting really crazy over here.

I was taking a much needed shower two nights ago and the air raid sirens fired up. There I was, shampooing my hair and soaping up my hard cock and I had to get the fuck out of the shower tent and into a bunker. I know I’m making light of the situation but it helps me stay sane. The only way I’ll make it outa’ here in one piece.”

Well, DOUG, hats off to you keeping your shit together however you can. We know the care packages and TIM porn are helpful, so we’ll be shipping off a few boxes of goodies for you this week. Meanwhile, the thoughts of the entire TIM staff are with you, as are the thoughts of our fans across the world.

  1. Well Doug, What a total hero you are. You probably don’t think of it that way, but from where I’m standing, your a total Hero. Facing what you you on a daily basis is something probably all of us can’t possibly begin to imagine, but the respect, empathy and genuineness you have from the people who comment here and the men at TIM, hopefully shows that we care. Not only are you doing your duty to protect the country/world we all live in, but you are promoting the vew of a gay man in traditionally Gay Alienating Environment. Allowing us to live the lifestyle we have strived and fought to get accepted as normal. You are promoting equality through visibility, and demonstrating another dimension to the saying ‘gay and proud’ . Keep your wits about you, your head down, your pecker up, you cock hard, and lines of communications open. I would love to send you and the guyz a parcel of goodies, essentials and one or to things which may but a smile on your face. Get the guyz at Tim to arrange something to make this happen, I’m sure there are other guyz here who want to show their sincere thanks too. JoeUK

  2. Hey Doug,
    Us civies over here love you guys (and gals). We support you and want you to know that. I don’t have anything to offer you but the promise of those of us here at home, that once you are safe and back home, we are going to take care of you. Your service is above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t know if you will ever be able to read this, but we are WITH you over there.
    Stay safe, keep your head down and know you have big fans back here in the states!

  3. I’m sure the conditions over there are intense. Can you imagine the constant fear they must always have. Especially during the times that we all use to get away from out stressful lives, like the shower. Most people take showers to relax, but it would suck to have to always be worries about being bombed.

  4. Keep up the strong fight, Doug! We all appreciate what you and all the other soldiers do for our country. Thank you for your service.

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