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This week I dedicate to TOILETS and orgies, the first of which has always been a PASSION of mine, even before I actually had any gay sex. I told you my first proper sexual encounter in a previous blog entry but even before that, when I was 16 and moved to Stockholm from a small suburban north Swedish town, there were many hidden treasures to discover.

One of these treasures, which I would often go and watch, although not partake of, were the pissoars [public urinals] at the local central station. The toilets were “hidden” away from the usual commuters, around the corner of the luggage area on the basement floor, out of sight and out of thought of most busy big city people rushing around.


I used to go in there, stand in the stinking (it truly stank so strongly of piss it was hard to bear, but a deep desire in me persuaded me to stay) pissoar cubicles, with the typical “separation” panels in between, all in stainless steel. The partitions were covered in writing like “suck my cock”, ‘”dirty boy needs load”, “pay for suck/fuck fun,” followed by a whole array of telephone numbers and scribbles. There were also comments, as well as paintings and drawings of cocks and bums getting penetrated by ever larger cocks.

There were very seldom any guys in there but it didn’t matter; the whole atmosphere was just sex and I used to go there and wank (from age 16 and till I left Stockholm when I was 18-19). One of my favourite places to cum was on one of the scribbly paintings that someone had so cleverly done in an area of the wall that was damaged and had a gaping hole in it. Drawn around it was a face with an eager mouth waiting for the load, where I must have emptied at least a couple of loads a week.


I remember the first time I actually met anyone in there: I was just about to shoot my load when the metal door opened. The guilty look on my face made the old man who was entering smile a quirky smile. “Don’t let me stop you,” he said in Swedish to me, and I relaxed and continued wanking.

The man took out his cock and I was surprised to see how big it was. Fascinated by looking at it, I shot my load, missing the mouth in the wall. Just as I was walking past the man, he reached out to touch me but I shied away, rushed towards the door and was gone…

A couple of days later I was back again, of course, wanking and wishing that someone might walk in on me, hehe.

Anyhow, back to the present. I did a shoot for Liam Cole on Friday, a little threesome in a dark sex club  environment. (They have spanking nights, piss nights, etc. Those aren’t scenes I usually get into so much myself, but I’m always up for trying new things; however, this was not such a scene). In the middle of the scene, the bottom lad—a muscled, hairy French lad—got down on his knees on the dirty floor, poking his hot arse up towards me and the other top, a short but big-dicked Spanish guy.

Liam is going to kill me for telling you this, but I thought it was sooo funny (and crazy all at once) that I can’t help from sharing this: I didn’t notice
anything at the time and I don’t think the other lads noticed anything either, but Liam told me after the shoot that less than half a meter from the kneeling guys face was a dead cockroach laying on his back. Liam—elegantly, so as not to interrupt the action—discreetly kicked it to the opposite side of the room, and everything continued like nothing had happened, hehe. Oh, the things we experience in porn…always fun, lol. (The shoot was with Enzo and Priam, btw).

After that we went back to the TIM London office, where I got to meet our awesome new assistant Ashton Bradley, who has just started helping us out. A very nice guy, indeed. We need to get him a TIM bag and jumper now; suited and booted, as they say, hehe.

On the same evening as the cockroach shoot, Liam was filming a group orgy in my flat. I was too exhausted to join in, but it’s always fun having naked boys running around my flat and the smell of sex—ooh la la. The horny German/Greek bottom lad was so loud I think even Ashton, on the other side of town, heard him scream in pain and pleasure after receiving some of the big fat cocks Liam had lined up for him.


Meanwhile I was trying to concentrate and upload my reduced size book, Atelier A-Z MINI.

The rest of the weekend I spent catching up on Revenge and Once Upon a Time. I’m such a child at heart, hehe.

Oh, and I had a little wank today (well, actually, three in a row—but I only filmed the first one) on my couch, and almost instantly I got a message from my lovely, hot, pervy neighbour across the road saying, “Wanking again.” Hehe, love it—he kept talking me through the wank saying what turned him on and stuff…. so horny, loved it, I really do have to invite him over sometime, at least to watch me fucking some horny boy. Anyone up for having a horny fuck and a sexy onlooker? (Who knows, he might even wank while watching us … hehe, nice.)

(I also got fucked the other day, almost forgot about that. It was rather unexpected but pleasant all the same. The busboy turned up on my doorstep unannounced on Sunday morning, and demanded I sucked him off. And who am I to deny such a sweet, hot ginger boy a horny time? Then I let him fuck me too, and ouch, was I in pain on Monday morning, lol…)

Till next – hugs,


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  1. My name is adrian ramos from mexico. I wanr to be gabbanged and get recorded. I want to be exposed i wont ask for anything but to make mw take ñots pf cocls neth

  2. hehe, yeah its fucking horny i tell u hehe,
    i sometimes see him across the windows watching me close up to his windows wanking, and i sit on couch watching porn and wanking too, hehe,

  3. the thought of having a hot neighbor watch you shag some horny bottom boy is really enticing! please blog it if does happen in detail! =) Cheers

  4. You're such a gent Anton, offering to let your neighbour come over and watch you fuck someone live. Who says community spirit is dead?

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