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Oh the mighty tutorials… This week’s blog I dedicate to the ancient role of tutorials, whether it be learning how to walk, how to talk or how to suck cock—well, let’s skip the crap. It’s basically just about the sucking cock tutorial, hehe.

I’m not sure if it’s me getting older and less patient but I often find myself, rather than suffering at the cock end of a bad blow job, voicing my suggestions of how the guy should maybe give it.

Blow jobs are a fine art: not too hard, not too soft, not too repetitive but repetitive enough for stimulation, etc. Then there are so many different types of cocks, all needing stimulation in slightly different ways, and I’m not just talking about the two main differences (cut vs. uncut).

This last week I’ve been holding tutorials in the art of cock-sucking for a local mixed-race guy who works close to my office. He’s been coming in and kneeling down in the toilet cubicles at work, in front of my 8 inches of man meat, eagerly anticipating the next tutorial. The first lesson was actually concentrating on the ball-licking technique. Lesson number 2 focused on how to lock eyes with the ‘cock’-person while still keeping the tongue moving consistently. I have to admit he did very well, hehe.

Today we advanced to deep-throating techniques, which he still needs a bit of practice on. But as they say: practice makes perfect, and eagerness to learn goes a long way. I have to admit that deep-throating on your knees in front of a standing man is not always that easy, depending on the bend of the cock etc. (69ing over the edge of the bed usually does the trick for the bigger gentlemen, hehe).

As usual this week has been filled with eventful things. The big thing, I guess, was that I started volunteering. It’s an independent visitor scheme, where I’m meeting a young man and helping him gain more self confidence, as well as helping with independence living skills such as simple budgeting, shopping, cooking meals, etc. The first meeting went very well and I’m sure we will get on just splendidly; he seems like a really nice person. It’s my little way of saying thank you (and helping others in life) to my great foster/adoptive mum for taking care of me when I was just a baby, and ever after—luv you, mum! This is something I will be doing approximately once a month for a year’s time, at least. So it’s a challenge, but a rewarding one.
I also had the great joy of photographing little sexy twink Leo Mack for a Prowler shoot this Tuesday, where he was testing out sex toys of various types, from horny little (and BIG) dildos to massage tools for your cocks, jockstraps, etc. It was very fun and Leo is such a great guy to work with.

I ran into my old flatmate and another Swedish/Norwegian friend of mine in Soho and we lay around Soho Square, just being silly and playing the fools. Oh, I almost forgot: I went up to the (in)famous Hampstead Heath (some of you might have heard of Liam Cole’s famous award winning DVD that was allegedly filmed on the Heath at night… oh horny thoughts…). Enjoying the scorching sunshine and not wanting to get tan lines, I felt obliged to go into the nude section of the men’s pond. After a bit of eye-flirting, a cute Asian boy came and sat on the ground 2 cm in front of my cock (I was sitting on a bench). After a bit of cock-flicking, it didn’t take long for me to drive him crazy and he reached out to grab my cock (to the joy of all the surrounding elder naked gentlemen I must add). Soon the boy was giving me a nice blow job, clearly having been taught by a master… hehe.

When I left the nude section, one of the onlookers reached up and touched my hand: “Thank you for the show.” It made me blush (no, not really, hehe— but it was funny).

This evening I’m packing my bag and printing my boarding passes, as I’m off to Los Angeles (and also Las Vegas) tomorrow. I will be away for two weeks, so next time I’ll be writing you from US soil. I’ll be filming with Jackson from TIM, which I’m very much looking forward to—it’s sure to be good fun!

Have a great week, folks, and enjoy the sunshine. (It was 27 degrees Celsius in London last week, so I’ve been going to work in my little shorts—to the great annoyance of my architect boss. But hey, we are not porn guys for nothing right?



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