DEAR MAX SOHL – I Am A Perverted, Fag Bottom-Pig

Dear Max –

Hi. Rusty here. Thanks for responding. I joined the Paul Morris Forum and checked out the Dawson group. I wish I could come watch a shooting in person. I know TIM uses regular guys, but I have only a 5” cock and at 62 years old and 195 pounds, I am slightly paunchy for a middle aged man, so even in the background I would not be worth watching. But I would love to stand around and jo, suck, and finger fuck myself and other guys.

I am a filthy pervert, left over from the sixties. I love bareback, cum, piss, and groups. I love being with younger men. I started having sex with men and boys when I was 9 and I’v been a desperate sex pig ever since. Love cum, male underwear, especially jocks. Like to suck cock, rim, get fucked, drink piss, get pissed on. Just your regular pig.

I really like being used while guys watch. Sadly, at 62, not many guys want to play with me, still less young men and teen boys. I miss the days when nobody needed condoms, and we all played in dark rooms. I used to take jocks and briefs from beach house bathrooms and gym lockers. Would wear them to school, to the beach, etc and jacked off with them on or while smelling them. I used to cruise 42 street in nyc while I was a grad student. Saw some porn stars, such as Wrangler, but I could not afford a hustler. I used to dream of playing with Jack Wrangler, Al Parker, Kip Noll and the rest.


I love, cock, ass, cum, boys, men, porn etc. that is why I like T.I.M. I used to haunt cruising places. I liked to suck and get fucked in public places. I am such a pig. The men on lucas entertainment are handsome and hot but even their raunch is safe. There is nothing safe about me. From age 9 I wanted men to use me, piss on me and in me, cum in my ass and on my face, share me with other men and boys. I was, and am, a dirty fag slut. I love being fucked often, long, and hard. T.I.M. gives me something to fantasize about. Your studs are hot, hard, sleazy, and piggy. I love T.I.M. I save up my money to buy your films.

I knew I was gay by age 7, started having sex with other males at 8. I was “molested” by my scout master at 9, but I loved it. I could not get enough of him. He was a pedophile and had sex with hundreds of other boys. I was green with envy. One of the boys turned him in so he lost his job as a P.E. teacher and was removed from the scouts. I dropped out of scouts once he has no longer there to play with boy cock and finger my boy hole. He was handsome, hot, sexy, and gentle. I loved having his hairy man cock up my ass on scout camping outings.

I am so grateful you responded. Let me know if TIM ever comes here, so I can meet the guys.

Your perverted, fag bottom pig,



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Some of Rusty’s favorite Max Sohl flicks

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    Having just turned 48 last month, I find myself worrying about being in a predicament similar to yours, pig bro! I remember the first time a “younger” guy called me SIR….I almost cried! LOL But after realizing that being a “perverted, fag bottom pig” was more of a turn on to the majority of men I met; young, middle-aged, and mature, I quickly found my perfect world! I used to be 100% TOTAL leather TOP till a bud of mine explained to me that I would make a great bottom because a good top knows what a good bottom needs to do. Since then, I’ve been hooked. Being the man of excess and perfection I am, I do everything 500% or not at all. Therefore, cum sloppy, pig bottom perv was my destiny. From reading your post, it sounds like we are living paralleled lives: turn ons, activity, porn, jocks, etc. Don’t sell yourself short perv pig bro, there are plenty horned up fuckers out there looking for a man like you. Personally, I’d love to meet you at one of TIM’s shootings you might be invited to view (HINT HINT)! Keep on OINKING!

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