Electronic Voice Phenomenon || We’re believers. Are You?

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) is the alleged communication by spirits through tape recorders and other electronic devices.  The belief in EVP in the United States seems to have mushroomed thanks to Sarah Estep, president of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, which claims to have members in some 40 states and publishes a newsletter. Estep claims that in the 1970s she started picking up voices on her husband’s Teac reel-to-reel recorder. She is sure that the voices are spirits, proving there is life after death.

We recently started experiencing instances of EVP while shooting scenes, in our studio. Those of us who work at the TIM Studio have quickly become believers. Are you?

Here’s a clip in which we encounter this phenomenon…

[hana-flv-player video=’http://tim-free-trailers.s3.amazonaws.com/S120426b-EVP-600×338.mp4′ width=600 height=400/]

  1. Glad to know after i die, ill be able to chill in yer studios and watch guys jerk off and fuck. Kinda makes me not so scared of death.

  2. Creepy, but at least the scene got the approval of whatever was watching. 😛

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