Giovanni Cul

May is going to be an exciting month here at TIM’s London headquarters. Peto Coast and Christian will be flying in this weekend, and the week after we’ll be hosting newcomer Giovanni Cul (pictured). Here are a few more of Giovanni’s photographs, and a quote from one of his emails. English is not Giovanni’s first language, but you’ll know what he means.

“i have rent the “what i can’t see 3” dvd yesterday for this weekend and must say…
great work !!! I love the dark room full of horny fuckers and the sexy bottom in the spot who is fucked again and again and take all the loads in his ass. Really really good porn. Love it and came lot of times on this best scene!

A phantasie of me would be fucked by lot of guys like in that scene, but more would be greater for me. Also i would love to be double fucked by some guys. Two dicks in my ass during i have two dicks in my mouth and in each hand i wanking a big dick too. After all the guys have shoot a few loads and gone, I be alone in the room and the second part of guys (something around 8 – 10) will come to the dark room. This time only black fuckers with hard bones and fuck me again in my cum filled hole something like an hour.  And after they gone, the last scene with a mix of extreme hard fucking guys and the biggest dicks you have (cause i be stretched enough) to be fucked super hard (something like rape) and topped by monster dicks double and filled good.

like you see, i be a really bad boy 😉

I’m a big fan of treasure island and specialy of your movies. I see it not just at porn. I see it as horny art contemporary phantasies that must be taped for the future on best quality that is possible so next generations will see it, wank on it and say woooOOOOw, that is so extreme hot! legent!

Giovanni  x”

  1. What is the title of the DVD with him? Where I can buy it? I wanna see him be fucked hard. Grrrrrrrrr!

  2. OMFG I wanna fuck this Cul so baaaaad. Failing that I wanna see him have his fantasy come true. Make sure he gets it Liam.

  3. OMG! What a great butt. I want to see his ass licked and fucked for hours. Fantastic!

    1. hi, I wanne rape him and open his ass to the max like a real cumpig, no limits and no mercy

  4. Thanks Ivanow. Your comment actually gave me a hard-on.

    1. I wanna see Giovanni’s sexy ass filled by the biggest TIM cocks! This could be one of the hottest TIM bubble-butt around. What a hot guy. If he really do everything he has written in his e-mails… GREAT! I would buy the video immediately because of him. Please use him as dominant, nasty-talking and big-dicked you can… getting his hungry fuckhole destroyed by a room full of longtime fucking TIM pigs. Liam you have an out-ranking taste! THANK YOU!

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