JUST ARRIVED || Eric’s RAW Fuck Tapes 4

Produced by T.I.M. owner and founder Paul Morris, ERIC’S RAW FUCK TAPES #4 further exposes the European sexual appetite, documenting the ball-draining adventures of the continent’s hungriest cumpigs and most aggressive topmen, including Jorge Ballantinos and the notorious Peto Coast

 This time out director Eric Paris expands his horizons outside Europe: the vid’s highlight took place in Chicago, where the director was lucky enough to capture a once-in-a-lifetime encounter between T.I.M.’s own Christian and Australian Keiran XXL, with as much cum and piss as the gluttonous bottom can take.

 Despite his intentions to stay behind the camera, Eric Paris let himself be coaxed out of retirement for a few scenes—including a cocksucking marathon where he gets down on his knees and swallows the loads of ten studs in a row.

Grab your dick, a bottle of lube and a buddy, cause this one is worth sharing. Available now, exclusively from TreausreIslandMedia.com 


  1. I will do anything for a copy of this movie, really want the whole collection but cant be picky! except when juicy loads of seed are involved and then I am the greediest of anyone-will fight to be the whore to receive man juice-none ever refused and would love to be a nasty fucker on all your new videos to cum-please.

  2. I love to be in this film too… Oink Oink Oink… Who will give Huge dick to me?

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