I shot him around a year ago. Since then he’s done quite a bit of porn. I was overseeing a shoot in which he was getting rough-fucked by another guy. When his clothes came off I was amazed by the changes in his body. So I asked him to come in again for a photo shoot.

He’s enormously tall but I wanted to start with a crouching shot with most of his torso in shadow.

As always, he was warm and friendly, easy to work and play with. Trevor and Pony waited patiently while I spent a great deal of time running my hands over his torso. Modest to a fault, he blushed every time I complimented him.


His body has changed completely since our last shoot.  He’s grown fuller and much more muscular.  I played with some dramatic poses.

When he does porn, he’s exclusively a bottom.  In his relationship, however, he’s dominant and strong-willed.  He loves fucking and fisting his lover—but only off-camera.

When any camera is focused on him–still or video–his cock becomes secondary.  Publicly, he only shows a submissive persona.  Privately, he’s dominant, tough, intense.


One of the many things I love about being a pornographer is the privilege it allows me of seeing men both on and off camera.  With this man, he uses the porn he’s in to allow himself to relinquish the great power his body naturally commands.  His sex on-camera is equally real, equally valuable for him as is his sex off-camera.  No man is only one man.

Enjoy – Paul Morris

  1. He is one of my favorite pornstars, behind Dawson, as are all the others. This guy would have to be a very close second. His movies are fantastic. Seems to really enjoy getting fucked, deep.

  2. I have admired your photography since the first time I saw it. I too am fascinated with the power and variety of the male body. You are so lucky to be working in an industry and a job that allows you this kind of access to men.

    You seem to have a great amount of insight into the men you photograph, that is what makes you such a great photographer.

    Thanks again for allowing us to see what you see


  3. Knowing he is much more dominant off camera makes him even hotter. I figured he was versatile off camera but didn’t suspect he was dominant. Damn my dicks hard!

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