CUMSLOPPY STORY || Four Loads. One Ass

We left the room, his ass richly seeded with two of my loads planted deep. He was hot in pursuit of more cum.

Over the course of the next hour, we would bump into one another. A semi-straight man pulled him into a room and bred him, degrading his “faggot ass” and filling his pussy full of cum. It only got him hotter. And when we encountered each other and he recounted the story, I wanted to see him get bred again.

The Wednesday night crowd at the adult bookstore just didn’t seem to be living up to the promise, I was about to give up. But something magical started happening.

Within about 10 minutes of one another, two bottoms got naked and just sat in open rooms waiting for cock.

I’m standing upstairs watching one and then the other. Both are respectable, although one is a muscular black man and quite attractive.

My friend comes upstairs and shortly following him is a tall black man. They make a bee-line for an open room and I’m invited in.

The black top isn’t real happy I’m there, so I’m relegated to watching and jacking my cock some. As the latte-skinned top peals off his clothes, he reveals massive pecs and a perfection of a body. When his shorts come off, the cock that springs forth is one of those massive ones you see in porn.

My friend’s eyes widen.

He  kneels naked and goes to sucking on this huge arm that, for all the trite “baby arm” references, I’m guessing it’s larger than that.

As my friend, now with three loads in his ass, sucks, the black top pushes his head deeper onto that humongous appendage. He’s choking. The width alone cannot fit down any throat, no matter how much anyone relaxes.

The top bends over to feel my friend’s ass. It’s a hint.

Eventually, after sucking a while, my friend glances at me and I mouth, “Offer your ass.”

After choking for too long on the monster, now covered with a thick spit, and the top playing with a slightly out of reach ass, the bottom lays on his back and his ankles float naturally toward the ceiling.

The top jerks his slicked cock and slaps it against the hole. The bottom is so thin and his hole was tight for me. I’m wondering how it will accommodate this elephantine cock.

The top stops slapping the ass, pauses and turns around. He grabs his pants.


I’m hoping he’s searching for lube. Maybe poppers.

The top is trying to find the right pocket and then pulls it out. A Magnum condom.

He hurls it at the bottom.

If only I’d had time to train my friend. Bottoms can sabotage condoms easily. But I’d never had the chance to teach him any techniques. Dumbfounded, he holds the condom and then hands it back to the top, who rips it open and, like a porn star, puts the shiny plastic over his cock.

Some spit follows and, luckily, the previous loads aren’t all dried out. The top positions it at the opening of this tiny bottom’s hole and, with his massive muscles, pushes in.

The bottom’s eyes open wider than ever, his mouth gapes and… well… he’s screaming, “OH FUCK!”

It slides into him. Some how. It seems physically impossible. But it is.

The bottom tries to control his massive black man’s pace. He attempts to stop the onslaught. But he can’t. And the black man begins to own the little bitch bottom the way he wants.

As he fucks him, rolling his hips, I can watch the muscles in his well-defined back, ass and legs move with precision and rhythm. There’s a musicality to it. It’s not a simple in and out. There’s a pumping and side to side, up and down, circular. It’s a dimensional fuck.

He’s got a technique that’s exquisite to watch.

“I want you to cum inside me,” the bottom says. “I don’t think I can take this cock much longer.”

I’m imagining the top has heard this before. So he grunts an approval and then speeds up and, quite frankly, proceeds to fucking with some force.

I’m surprised my friend survives this onslaught as I watch the strain of how the top’s muscular arms pull the bottom’s legs toward him at the same time the top’s hips force forward. It’s a collision of the black’s thighs to the white’s ass.

“I’m cumming,” the gutteral grunts.

And he fucks even harder, if that’s possible. Slamming with force. I can see my friend’s cock swinging flaccid. Yet, he seems content in a weird way.

Then he pulls out and pulls off the condom, tossing it in the small trash can in the room. My friend is on his knees, sucking the remaining cum off the cock.

“I usually pull out to cum,” the top says. “I don’t usually do that.”

Neither of us say anything.

I’ve only got my pants open, so I zip up. As the top begins to put his clothes on, he explains how he prefers one-on-one and not three-ways. This is the first time anyone has ever watched him fuck. We all make small take.

I think my bottom friend and I are thinking the same thing.

Finally he leaves and we close the door behind him. I neglect to lock it, although it does no good because the other two bottoms are out there giving free fucks. We aren’t disturbed.

My friend’s pants are down soon and I’m fishing around the trash for the condom. I find it. Pull it out.

It’s so huge. I could never really get it on me inside out. I try though. But the tip where all that white juiciness is located would never be exposed. And the condom is so stretched out now. So I take my fingers on the inside-out condom and push it inside his raw hole.

I know he’s really raw inside his ass. As I’m adding the fourth load to his mix, I push in deep and along the edges. I want to make sure that the DNA contributors from these three men bond with this bottom boy. That we all become a part of him and he know it. That he feels this.

As I push the condom in and out, the slimy goodness disappears more and more and now there’s just a film of ass juices on the condom.

My cock is hard. I want to fuck him some but I know he’s sore.

“I need to cum,” he says.

He flips over and I play with his ass while he jerks his cock. Soon he’s shooting his load.

As we clean up and get ready to go, I admit there’s something about him that attracts me. Something deeper than his looks. Something more than his twisted sexual nature. And as I look into those brown eyes and again get lost in the limbo, there’s a recognition there.

Story Courtesy of Mark Benston at


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