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I love porn. And I watch a lot of porn. Watching porn is a daily ritual for me.  Porn has been a part of most of my life, and  to some degree it has been integrated into who I am as a person. I look for porn that jumps off of the screen and into my body and soul.   I am the type of porn watcher that demands a connection to what I am watching.  I like watching real men, having real sex.  I want my porn to feel depraved and real.

Suck Dick/ Save the World 3 is the most intense cocksucking video I have ever seen.  Paul Morris has taken on perhaps the most difficult sex act to film, and has shown the intensity of the mouth-to-cock connection in a way that stimulates the deep sexual reservoirs in our psyche.  The camera serves as a device that reveals the mind of Paul Morris and how he views and relates to men sucking dick.  He brings you into his world, their world, and makes you feel like you are a part of the cocksucking experience.  Its a powerful porn film.  It shows the true, raw, deep-seated, sexual craving for cock and cum.  It shows the intense pleasure of men liberating their loads.

When the video starts,  Morris puts you in between the legs of  young Cory.  Nick Forte, the bottom is off to the side eagerly awaiting Cory’s cock. The camera is positioned right where I would be if I were about to suck Cory’s cock. Cory is a boy with a very erotic aura and sensuality about him.  My guess is that Cory is in his early 20s.  He is a natural boy with a natural body.  He is the type of boy I like and could see myself sucking off.


As I watched more of the video, I was so impressed by Paul Morris.  I have watched so many videos from other producers where I ended up fast-forwarding through the cock sucking sessions because they were boring. Those scenes never connected with me in a way that I found exciting.  Morris films what could be a potentially boring and routine sex act, and turns it into an artistic, erotic, personal, intense sex act.  He  not only shows the physical connection of the men, but gives you insight into the emotional and psychological experiences they are having in the scene.  This is why you can watch a 17 scene film that lasts for 210 minutes, and enjoy each second of the film.

There are some  powerful images in this film,  In one scene, Oliver, who is another big-dicked brutal top, face fucks the hell out of  Blake.  Blake gags, sweats and gets a real workout with Oliver, even to the point of having to stop for a minute.  It seems as if he had never experienced a face fucking like this.  I watched scene after scene of  hot men satisfying each other.  I had to stop watching, and went online and  found a guy to come over so I could suck his cock and eat his cum.  I  was craving cock and cum after watching several scenes of this video.  Seeing those beautiful cocks, thick loads and hot men just pushed me over the edge to where I had to taste some cock.  After transitioning from video to reality, I resumed my day-long journey back into the world of SD/STW3.

After watching Blake “Hurt Me” Daniels, Blue “The Throat” Bailey, “No-Shame” Shane, Str8Dude Bill, Sky, Danny Apollo, Phoenix Sanchez, Streetwhore Gabe, James “Whoredog” Roscoe, Gloryhole Dog Dave, Alex “Seed Feeder” Cross, Seed Worship Tony, Dan “The Dick” Fisk, I watched Javin.

Javin has a 13 inch cock.  I paused the video and just stared at his cock.  Not only is his cock huge, its bigger around than my wrist.  Javin does a solo video—an intimate tour of his massive Black cock.   This scene was designed to make your mouth water and your fuckhole twitch.  A true bottom’s dream man.  You get up and close with his cock, you see it from every angle, and Morris puts you right in the best cocksucking position—between his legs.  In some moments of the scene he shoots up at Javin, putting you on your knees worshiping his cock. Javin shoots and shoot long stringy masses of cum at you.  I could feel it leaping from the screen and all over my face.

There are many more unique and intriguing moments in this film.  You will just have to see it for yourself to get the full range of the sexual power of this porn film. SD/STW3 shows the power dynamics between the top and bottom in a cocksucking session.  It explores the need to suck and get sucked in way that I have never seen in porn.  It is a brilliant film.  It shows Paul Morris’ unique ability to capture the emotion and the “epic range of the cocksucking art.”

FIVE STARS – Buckhead Daddy – toughdad3.bestmalediaries.com




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