Our congratulations go out to Will Smith, the newest member of the T.I.M. cult! Will took us up on our T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge and got himself branded with the Treasure Island Media logo at his favorite tattoo parlor in Portland, Oregon.

Will had this to say about his branding – “To say I am a fan of TIM is an understatement. Without a doubt it’s my go to porn for the hottest fucking bottoms, tops, everything. When I heard about the TIM Tat challenge I was honored to be branded as one of Morris’ Marked Men. I posted pix of my new work on Scruff and literally had 6 guys asking if I earned the tat. So I had to oblige them!”

Check out the sizzling hot pics Tony sent us of his baptism by ink:


Welcome to the stable of Marked Men, Will!

Want to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

  1. Hey Will, welcome to the brotherhood. Love the stamp and glad its get you the attention you wanted and by the look of you rightly deserve. Keep it Nasty. JoeUk

  2. Man he has a huge tongue Id let him bend me over and ate my ass… ANY day!

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