Hey Fans,

Last week we shared with you that our adopted U.S. soldier DOUG, had been relocated to Kabul, where the action has been heavy and intense. While we don’t want to alarm anyone, it has been about a week since we have heard from him. (which is not typical) We ask that you keep him in your minds and as soon as we here from him we will update you.

In the mean time please keep your letters to Doug coming…

Click HERE to send DOUG an email with your words of support.

  1. And that goes for you too Brad!!! But that cumsloppyjizzslurpa down , rest a while , and send your ‘lurv to Doug’ . Keep it nasty joeUk

  2. Come on lads !!!!!what the fuck are you doing ???? If your not offering a few words of genuine support for ‘OUR Doug ‘???? Youmust be pulling your pud to SDSTW3 or more interested in the ‘Xfactor’ come on lads, show your support . JoeUK

  3. Well fellas, Apart from the Guyz at TIM, am I the only one who gives a shit about this brave guy? I’ve checked this post a few times since it was originated, hoping to see a change in the status Of Doug’s communication with TIM, which may have confirmed he’s been ‘busy with work’ or the lines of communication have been restricted. But What i also really wanted and I DID expect to see were messages of support for Doug, to boost is spirit and let him know us fortunate men a home ‘do give a shit’ come on lads , if this was a competition for a TIM Tee, or to suck Brad McGuires cock, or get the trophy of a Dawson cum stained jock fom a TIM Film, your fingers would be saw from typing away and your palms raw from wanking at the thought of it. So come on lads, get posting messages of support for Doug and the other Hero’s , fighting for YOUR RIGHTS to live in the free and democratic life you benefit from . JoeUK

  4. Hey guyz. Let’s hope it’s a communication problem, keeping Doug from updating TIM on the situation in KABUL. The soldier is certainly in my thoughts, and on days like tody, when the President can show up unannounced, deliver important political, practical and emotional support to the men and women out there, then within six hours of that, indescriminate car bombings bringing mayhem, death and destruction to this war torn country, we can only try to imagin what these brave warriors are going though. My thoughts are certain with Doug and his peers. JoeUK

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