TRUE LIFE: I am Mitch Mason || The Sword Calls It Racism, I Call It Love

Since our friends at The Sword have ruined the surprise… I am happy to share with you that as a token of our love for you, our fans and to celebrate the sweet joy of a delicious chocolate man, we are INDEED including a special morsel with select purchases of Max Sohl’s BruthaLoad 6. We hope that this tasty treat, from our favorite chocolate store (The San Francisco Chocolate Factory) finds you delighted with a touch of peace, love, and happiness from all of us at Treasure Island Media.

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  1. I am ginger. I promise not to be offended if you choose to shoot and promote a milky, freckled, fire-crotch film by sending out white chocolate or white bread and mayonnaise even 😉

  2. I don’t see how being Middle Eastern gives you the leverage to be offended by something aimed towards another race. If you find something offensive.. it’s offensive.. your race shouldn’t really make all that much of a difference.. except that there doesn’t seem to be a complaint from someone who’s actually black. Being gay makes you a minority in this country.. and I thik that whiney bitch is just made that there’s not a delcious treat to represent his ignorance.. I like chocolate… I wouldn’t complain

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