I went into work the other day to find that the offices were being cleaned out of a lot of junk by those “Got Junk” trucks. Having just arrived I had to take a piss so I headed to the restroom, open the door only to hear the unmistakeable sound of a man taking a heavy piss. Naturally I continued my way in and when I turned the corner I saw the handicap stall was open; this is where the beautiful moans were coming from. I walked by, it was one of the guys from the junk haulers.

The guy was not the hottest, but had a nice body and after a quick glance down (he was facing the door), saw what was a nice soft cock hanging down about 3″. He caught me starring and with in seconds of me turning to the urinal to hide my startled face, he said to me “you like what you saw?” I thought for a long second and said, “yeah, I did.”

At that moment I decided to take control of the situation, so I walked over to him, pushed him back into his stall and closed the door. Within seconds my pants were around my ankles and his cock was thrusting deep down my throat. By this point it had grown to about 8,” the perfect size to press open my hungry mouth and slide just far enough down my throat to make me slightly gage with pleasure. The guy started moaning in response to the service he was getting. Out of fear, I pulled off and said “Shut up before we get caught” though I really didn’t care, all I wanted was that delicious cock.

Moving down from his cock, I began to suck on his balls and soon was digging my tongue down into his hot and steamy butt crack. I could hear him gasping when my tongue finally found his hole. After just a few seconds of eating his sweaty hole, he pulled my head by my hair and leaned down. I thought he was gonna kiss me, but he whispered, “you’re a dirty faggot aren’t you?” and I could nod and started to say “Yeah” at which time he quickly spit on my face and mouth. I licked my lips to reach as much of his spit as I could.

I asked, “you wanna fuck me?”

he replied “no condom.”

Hearing him say that, I wasn’t sure if he meant he didn’t have one or he was giving me an order to indicate there’d be no condom used. To avoid the questions I quickly regained control, spinning around placing one foot on the toilet, my ass in the air and said “Fuck Me.”

He leaned down and quietly whispered, “Remember to shut up so we don’t get caught. You asked for it boy.” I heard him gathering as much spit as he could and quivered with pleasure each time he spat more on my hungry hole.  Soon his cock was at my hole, rubbing the spit around. With a brief warning,  his entire cock was shoved up my ass in one painful yet amazing blow. It took all I had not to scream out in pain.

The fuck lasted about ten minutes and was filled with hard jabs that included a few all out slams. With his left-hand, covered in callouses, holding my hips in place and his right yanking my head back by the hair he whispered, “Get ready for my load” as he slammed in one last time and groaned. I knew by his reaction that he was spraying in me and told him to keep it in me… After he cam he pulled out, quickly buttoned up and walked out.

A few minutes later, after i got myself dressed, I walked out of the restroom to return to work. My day was definitely starting on the right foot.

I saw him again about fifteen minutes later and he completely ignored me.

That day I had a smile on my face, an aching hole and a huge load deep in me. What a great work day.


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