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A couple of years ago I was feeling kinda down and didn’t know why, really. I couldn’t help it; it was just a big old BLUE. My best friend suggested it might be because of all the sex I had with unknown strangers. That got me thinking, maybe this was the cause—maybe I was having all this sex in public loos, etc. because I was depressed and didn’t care about myself. Believe it or not, at that time I was actually having more sex than I do nowadays, hehe. God knows how I managed to squeeze it all in, with my busy schedule…

Anyhow, after a lot of persuasion from my friend, I decided to join a ‘sex addict’ weekly talk group. At this point in my life I think it was the best thing I’ve ever done, to be honest: sharing my stories and seeing I was not the only one with ‘cruising problems’ and anonymous sex encounters, etc., was very relieving. After a lot of crying and laughing together with the other guys (from young to old), and ten weeks later, I—and most other people in the group, too—realised that having lots of anonymous sex is really only a problem if we make it into one. Realising this very simple fact made me remember that I’d been having just as much sex before I started feeling down, and it had never been a problem.


Our minds are incredible and oh so powerful. The tricky thing is to just be able to accept ourselves as what we are. Nowadays I can easily say I’m a happy sex addict. I love all aspects of sex: the smell, the sensation, the excitement, etc., but also the quiet boredom, the simple moments, the bad fucks, and so on—it all forms part of my sexuality. I’m content in the person I am today and have become over the years. It’s all me and it’s all real. I don’t tend to overanalyse things but instead use every moment to LIVE, just like the way I was born: with big eyes looking out at the world in wonder, seeking new horizons of excitements and stimulations.

Anyhow, that got very deep—sorry, chaps, just felt I should share; maybe it will inspire some of you.

This week has been very hectic. I had a few photo shoots over the weekend. Among others, I photographed a hot, young male escort for his portfolio. We took some great photos in the empty car park basement (always good fun, hehe). I got a good taste, too, and shot a nice big load in his arse hole… yum yum yum.


I also photographed a young Lithuanian guy I chatted up on the bus the other day. I offered him a free test shoot and, if the images came out all right, to introduce him to the agencies I work with. He was very sexy boy, and TALL.

Oh, I met an amazingly sexy German/Greek boy the other day—such a charmer and I felt so comfortable in his company, although he did bite me a lot, leaving my back looking like it’s been attacked by baby sharks, hehe. I had a wonderful time with him.

Today I got some sweet blowjobs in the tube toilets. None of them had me cumming, though, as I’m going away again and am saving up a few big loads for my shoots in a few days. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun; I love a wet, warm mouth around my manhood, hehe.


I also went to see an awesome dance show by my friend Joseph Mercier, a talented Canadian performance artist, involving nude dancing and skipping around, hehe, and some thoughtful words on New York nighttime gay cruising. Liam Cole and Ashton Bradley went with me, and we enjoyed a nice meal afterwards. After bidding adieu to Liam and Ashton, I got another (yet again cum-less) blowjob in a pub toilet. It was a bit frustrating, as I also got to fuck his sweet smooth young hole but had to stop myself from shooting a big, creamy load.

Anyhow, I’m packing as we are driving to Prague tomorrow, to film with a small independent film team and some horny late-teen boys in the Czech Republic. It will be fun…more later!

Hugs – Anton

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