CUMSLOPPY STORY || Two Loads, Two Gifts

I was on a business trip in SF and decided to go to EROS (hot sex club with bunks, sling, glory holes) for a little R&R. I got there around 7pm and the place was moderately full. Lots of hot guys, a few trolls, but quite a few guy dudes (my favorite!). I wandered around for a while, watched a guy getting nailed in the sling by 3-4 guys. They were really doing a number on his hole, when one guy pulled out, his hole didn’t get a chance to close before another cock took its place.

This was getting me really horny so I set out to find me some hot ass. I staked a place in a dark corner near the glory hole wall and let my towel drop to the floor. There was a guy in front of me blowing a hot black cock sticking thru a hole when this hot guy kid (18 but looked much younger)walked in front of me and stopped.

He was shorter the me (probably around 5’5 to my 6′) and totally smooth. He was fixated on all the sucking going on as I reached out and began to message his shoulders. He started to back towards me, I knew this was a good sign. As he got closer I moved from his shoulders to his tits. I began rolling his tits between my thumb and finger, this got him moaning as he kept moving backward until my balls were resting on the top of his ass crack and my hard 7″ cock was laying up his back.

I then moved my hands down (bending a little) feeling the most wonderful smooth crotch, cock and balls. It was time. I grabbed the inside of his legs and began to stand lifting him up in the process. I felt my cock slide down his back, enter his ass crack, moving closer to my goal. He was lubed up (lube or cum I wasn’t sure and didn’t care) and soon I felt the head of my cock land outside his waiting hole. I then started lowering him onto my cock. First the head slipped in, it was very tight so I paused then pushed as the length of my cock disappeared into him. His feet hit the ground with me firmly planted deep inside him. He began to moan louder and squirmed to get off of me but I wasn’t letting him go. I grabbed his tits and held him down. Slowly I pulled out then stood up fast drilling my cock into him. I could actually feel the back of his ass trying to enter the “second hole.”

This went on for about 15 min with a small crowd gathering. His moaning got louder and I could feel myself getting ready to fill him up. I slowed and gave him a few pre shots of cum that I could feel lube him up even more. As we moved together I pushed him down hard as I pumped my seed into him, holding him for a few minutes after making sure he got it all and it stayed in. As I pulled out he looked at me with a little boy’s expression of “what have I done.” I just smiled and said ” you have it all now”.

As I picked up my towel I noticed the black guy from the glory hole turn the kid around and planted him on the biggest uncut black cock I have ever seen. As I walked away the kid was sliding down taking the big cock all the way in.

Lucky kid got two gifts that night.

Story Courtesy of Raw Top’s Breeding Zone.


  1. Damn that’s a good story it reminds of my first time going to the bath house in Houston, TX and getting in the sling in a private room.

  2. Damn that’s a good story it reminds of my first time going to the bath house in Houston, TX and getting in the sling in a private room.

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