He’s 20, and that’s not really a boy. But innocence isn’t strictly gauged by age. When I walked in he was already nude and clearly very shy. I started with oblique and simple snapshots of his torso. After a while, I realized that putting music on might help him to relax.

I had Clay put on a compilation of classical music. Here’s part of the list of pieces played during the session:

Scriabin, Prelude Opus 16 #1 (piano solo)

Brahms, Violin Concerto (second movement)

Shostakovich, Piano Concerto No. 2 (second movement)

Brahms, Piano Quartet No. 3 (third movement)

During the Scriabin I reached over and moved his left hand out of the way.  I notice that he’d closed his eyes to listen more carefully to the music.  I took the opportunity to take a few snapshots of his face.


During the Piano Quartet, a slow and gentle and very beautiful piece of music, he relaxed and settled back on his hands.  When the music was over, I told him to open his eyes and “sprawl” for me.  He knew what I meant.

Now he was relaxed enough for simple standing poses.  I took dozens; he seemed to like standing a little away from me, one hand on his hip.

We were coming to the end of shoot and I asked him to give me some seated poses.  He immediately went into this almost feminine pose.  I don’t know if this makes sense, but this was another reason I thought of him as a boy.


While he was in the inclined pose, I noticed that his expression had opened.  I hadn’t noticed how deep blue his eyes were.  For the first time in the entire session, he looked directly and deeply into the camera.

I knelt and took a sequence of shots as his cock grew harder, pulsing.

I stood back and took this shot of him, basically in the same pose but completely changed.  It was one of the most delicate, sweet and enlightening photo sessions I’ve experienced.

Enjoy – Paul Morris




    1. Que trolo q sos!! No lo podes evitar!! Jaja te quiero mi vida no luches contra tu instinto!!

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