CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Boyfriend Didn’t Know His Partner Fucked Me Raw

I was about 20, my bedroom was in the basement and I had a computer just outside my bedroom door; a place where I could get myself into a lot of trouble. It was early days of the computer but we had a modem and could connect to a bulletin board. It was a time when the connection was slow and we didn’t even have a proper email account. Anyway, I remember there was a gay bulletin board where one could logon and chat to other users. Pictures were extremely rare as you had to scan one and upload it; that could take forever and wouldn’t be very good quality, so typically one would meet lots of guys online without seeing what they looked like. You would read a description only. I stumbled across a description of a couple that sounded very hot. They lived close so I dropped them a line.

We chatted about what we liked and how we ‘play safe’ and planned on meeting. I drove to their house, arrived and was greeted by Jeff, who was about 35. We chatted awkwardly on the couch for a while before he offered me a rum and coke. It went straight to my head. At 20, I was very fit but not muscular. When I was 20, many guys would often comment that I had a full, muscular butt. It was pretty much hairless, but with just a light dusting of hair. I was still young. As we sat on the couch, he started to rub my thigh and explained that his partner was drinking at a neighbour’s house. We chatted, flirted by rubbing each other’s legs through our jeans for about 45 minutes before his partner came back home. My jeans had some holes so he would teasingly rub my skin through the holes. It felt amazing. I didn’t have many sexual experiences at this point in my life, something I told him during our online chatting so I think he wasn’t moving too quickly on purpose. He was adorable and I really wanted to kiss him; so I did. We started making out feeling each other’s chests under our t-shirts. I was getting so hot. I could see and feel a large bulge in his jeans. As we made out, his partner, Andy, came home and kind of sneaked up to us on the couch, saying to Jeff, “Wow, he’s hot, we’re going to have some fun tonight.” Andy was wearing shorts and he pulled his shirt over his head revealing a very sexy, muscular body. At 5′ 10″ he was a little shorter than Jeff. Andy leaned in and gave me a really long, deep kiss. I could taste some booze on his breath and it was really hot. Then Andy went upstairs to shower, and Jeff and I remained on the couch kissing and generally fooling around.

In a couple of minutes, we went upstairs and went into the bedroom. Andy was still showering. Jeff told me that he really wanted me to suck him, so we got naked and Jeff sat at the headboard, spread his legs and motioned me towards his cock that was completely hard. I started to slowly suck his cock. It was uncut and dripping. Really hot. He started pushing my head down and I started choking a little. He said ‘here, have some poppers” and he said “you might even enjoy it more” I had only used poppers a few times at this point but, I thought, why not. He opened the bottle, held it to my nose for a long hit and then closed in to kiss me. In a few seconds, it started to hit me so he proceeded to push my head down towards his cock. He kept his hand firmly on my head and forced me down to the base. I became totally cock hungry and sucked him hard. I was on my hands and knees and didn’t notice Andy return from the shower. He sat beside Jeff and said “I want you now.” I took another hit of poppers and started to suck Andy’s completely soft, uncut cock. It was still wet from the shower and tasted amazing. Slowly it got hard and I enjoyed making him start to groan from my eagerness and how crazy I was sucking his cock. It was kind of sloppy, but he said it felt amazing.

After a couple of minutes he pulled my head off his cock, stood-up, and moved behind me, as I went back to Jeff’s cock and started to suck again. I was on my hands and knees and bent forward on my elbows. Andy gently started kissing and then licking my ass that was up in the air. He started to rim my ass. It felt amazing. It was wet and sloppy and his tongue felt so good sliding in and out. He kept pressing his tongue in my ass and it felt so good. Jeff grabbed the poppers, opened the bottle and held it up to my nose as Andy kept his tongue deep in my ass, turning, and going in and out. Once the poppers would hit me, I was in total ecstasy.

After about another 10 minutes of rimming and taking a couple of hits on the poppers, Andy re-positioned himself, and started to press his fat, uncut cock against my ass. He wasn’t pushing in, he just put it at the outside of my hole. I think he wanted me to push back instead of him pushing in, so I pushed back on my ass a little and his cock started to slowly enter my ass. He still didn’t push in and he kept letting me doing all of the work. I slowly started moving back and forth, with only a little of the head inside. I loved it. It was about to go in me raw. Jeff, who had a good view of what was going on, asked “What are you doing? Are you fucking him raw?” Andy replied, “No, sorry, I’ll get a rubber.” I thought Fuck, this feels amazing. His cock was lubing my hole and, after 20 minutes of being rimmed, I was very ready to get fucked – and I really wanted him in me bare. I was usually a good boy and demanded that a guy always wear a condom. But here I was, in a unknown couple’s bedroom and all I could think of was how I wanted that fat, hard, uncut cock in my ass.

Andy put on some lube, rolled on the rubber, smeared some lube on my ass and cock and suggested I take another hit on the poppers before he fucked me. I complied, taking a really long hard breath, and, presenting my ass to Andy, went back to sucking Jeff. Andy meanwhile grabbed the poppers from Jeff and took a long hit. I was in heaven and Andy was only starting to put his hard cock in my ass. I reached around behind me, grabbed Andy’s cock that was slick with lube and started to help guide him in to my ass; But just then, the poppers really started taking over. In one stroke I pulled the condom off him and immediately pushed my ass back towards his cock. Jeff had no idea I had just taken off the condom as I handed it to Andy. Andy didn’t protest, but grabbed the condom from me, and slowly started to push his raw cock in my ass. Ever so slowly at first. He pushed in and out with just the head, but during each slow thrust he went a little deeper. I kept sucking Jeff and tasting his precum. Jeff held the poppers against my nose again and I paused with my blowjob only long enough to take a hit. I was flying and becoming cock crazy with a bare cock pounding in my ass and a hard cock dripping with precum in my mouth.

Andy was getting faster and deeper with his thrusts. He kept telling Jeff how hot my ass was and “Jeff, I really want to fuck this guy raw.” Jeff didn’t respond to Andy’s comment and Andy seemed to play along with our little act of fucking with a condom. Jeff said to Andy “Tell me when you’re getting close.” My cock was so hard and was bouncing around beneath me. I loved his hard bare cock in my ass and Jeff still had no idea it was raw. Andy kept up fucking me for a bit and I could feel his balls hit my ass, hard. He started grunting and saying to Jeff “I’m about to cum, man.” With that, Jeff started to cum in my mouth. No warning, just cum that I happily swallowed. Andy exploded in my ass and I could feel it was getting easier fucking me with all that cum as lube. I could feel Andy’s cum dripping from my ass and inside me. It felt so good. Jeff still had no idea. We stayed still for a couple of minutes before Andy plopped out and ran to the bathroom with the empty condom in his hand. I flopped on my back and laid there breathing hard, but still horny. Jeff had already crawled under the covers and closed his eyes. I guess he got what he wanted. Andy returned shortly, climbed on the bed and started sucking my cock. It felt amazing. He used his free hand to stick a finger in my ass. I could feel it enter easily with all his cum in my ass. He massaged my prostate with his finger and almost instantly I shot a huge load in his mouth. He leaned over and kissed me. When his lips met mine, he pushed a little of my cum in my mouth. Fuck that was hot.

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  1. Had this happen to me and I’ll tell you… it was amazing. My partner and I hooked up with another couple just like above. BF1 had a BBC and uncut to boot. He told me that my daddy ass was turnin’ his crank. My other 1/2 sucked on BF2. BF1 mounted me and we enjoyed a nice deep kinky fuck. Then he looked at me, pulled off the rubber and proceeded to pump my raw hole for a few minutes… then pulled out and came all over the outside of my hole. He looked quickly at BF2 and slid his BBC in deep until he bottomed out – slid back slow to the outside and slapped his hard cockhead all over my cum covered hole. BF2 was shocked and asked if he had fucked me raw? BBC said no, he only blew his load on the outside of my hole. Then winked at me. It was a VERY hot session!! I definitely enjoy reading these types of stories….

  2. WOW I love this. I get so turned on by the guys that say “only safe” and then we end up fucking raw.

  3. This story killed me! This is so fucking hot. I got an adrenaline rush just from reading it.

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