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By RawTop

A bit over a week ago I hooked up with one of those guys who constantly posts on Craigslist looking for loads. I hooked up with him through a hookup site, but he had the same pics and previously I had asked if he was the guy who was always on CL and he said ‘yeah’ (and asked why I hadn’t fucked him yet if I had seen his ad so many times).

Let me back up a bit… It was first thing in the morning when I started looking for a bottom to fuck and there were a few guys interested. One would have been a new hole for me and his profile said he was neg and he was young and hot – so I went with him, but I wondered how serious he was. He wanted to “party” with me – I told him I wasn’t interested – I just wanted to fuck. At first he wanted me there immediately (before his high wore off) then he was OK with a little later.

He had given me his address but not his apartment number so I told him to text me with his apartment number and I headed out. I had to go down a huge hill and then climb up another huge hill to get there. He still hadn’t gotten me his apartment number, so I got on the web (thank god for iPhones) and told him I was there, to let me in and tell me which apartment. He got back with “give me 5 minutes”. I’m thinking “I just climbed a huge hill to fuck your ass”… I mean, let me kn and I’ll sit in a corner for 5 minutes. Finally someone came out of the building and I got in. I knew which floor he was on, so I climbed the stairs (a 4th floor walkup). I sent him another message saying I was outside his door (I could hear the beat of ‘gay’ music). Still nothing. Finally I just left. As I was going out the door of the building I got a blocked call. I knew it was him, but I just ignored it. He would have been a bad fuck… Been there, done that. He called another two or three times as I walked home.

The Craigslist cumhole is one of the guys I had passed up to fuck the other guy, so I got back in touch with him. He wanted me to go to his place. I didn’t really want to travel that far, but I knew if I didn’t fuck right then I’d spend just as much time hunting for dick and being frustrated, so I went.

When I got to his place he was younger and cuter than I was expecting. I pulled out my dick and he blew me. Then he got on his futon couch and wanted me to fuck him. It was sorta funny… He had a hard time taking my dick, but then when I got in he was really loose. Anyway, the couch wasn’t working for me so I asked if we could fuck on his bed and we moved in there…

When I got him on his belly on the bed it turned into a really good fuck. He was skinny (just like I like bottoms) and it was sorta hot pounding his little ass. I didn’t last all that long fucking him – maybe 5 or 10 minutes. I had taken a pill so my dick continued to be hard, so I just kept fucking him slowly after I’d given him my load. I could tell he wanted more – at that point he kept bucking back onto my dick.

Eventually I rolled him on his side and we had sorta a quiet moment with my dick in his ass until I got soft and my dick popped out of his hole.  A little while later I buttoned up and left (I hadn’t taken off my clothes)…

All in all a good fuck…

  1. Hey all the pics are excellent…..but the 2nd on is my favorite. I would luv to be sucking on that cock.

  2. The last picture is best. My favorite is when my cock is yanking on a hole and a tongue is below us licking it all up.

    1. pull it out of that hot hole & ram it down my throat, slide it back in that hot hole, cum in his ass & let me lick your cock off and eat his hot hole…he sits on my face feeding me your hot cum.

  3. I love that first picture, looks just like my ass. Now I need to find that cock.

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