I was feeling really horny a few weeks ago and since I was needing to drive through San Francisco to head over to Napa for work, I checked online for some cruising spots in the city. Found that Eros looked like a good spot to get all my horniness worked out of my system. I got there, checked in, it was a Saturday-midday. The guys there were usual mix that you’d find at a sex club….guys that I wouldn’t ever let touch my body, some that were attractive but not fit, and a few really hot men that were muscular and nicely hung.

I figured I wanted to do some fucking and maybe even take a cock or two up my ass. I went upstairs to a private back room that was dark. As I walked in there were hands reaching out and feeling my body and grabbing at my cock. I slapped a few to keep them off me. There was a spot straight ahead of me that had a light glow from a cell phone. This hot looking, young stud, was on all four with his hole perfectly positioned for my cock to mount. I walked that direction and came up to this hottie’s smooth ass and leaned down to start rimming it. The dude started moaning in delight as my tongue lightly touched his pussy. I could taste the remnants of the last dude’s cum. This stud had been fucked pretty good as it was easy to part his pussy and stick my tongue in. Definitely had a delicious taste of sweet cum.

I rimmed him a while, cleaning his cunt so that it’d be fresh for my cock to fuck and unload. My big 8.5″ cock was raging hard and ready to slide in. I pushed it in balls deep and started fucking, pulling all the way out and pumping it back in all the way. I did this for a good twenty minutes, edging all the way…getting my cock right to the point of no return but then backing off before fucking some more. Finally i reached the moment were i couldn’t hold back. I fucked and pumped really hard and had the most intense orgasm that I can ever remember having as I unleashed a bucket load of cum inside this hot stud’s ass. As I pulled out, my cum covered cock was swallowed by a waiting mouth nearby. I leaned down again and licked the pussy I just had fucked and swallowed my cum that was spilling out.

I decided I wanted to be fucked next. I parked my ass doggy style in another dark spot of the room. I felt a dude’s hot breath on my pussy and started feeling my ass getting rimmed. Fuck, it drove my ass crazy. I started moving back and forth, hoping this guy would slide his cock in. He finally did, it had to have been at least 9inches and super thick. It filled my inside to the maximum as it stretched me wide. I started squeezing his cock with my muscles as he pumped. I reached around and started to massage his balls as he fucked me. They were large, round, and plump. I could tell this guy was huge and full of cum. He liked the ball massage and he started to pump harder and deeper…until he started to shutter and moan, he went super deep and started to unload a massive amount of cum. His veiny cock left my ass and it suddenly felt empty except for the cum that was dripping down the side of my leg. I fingered it up and licked it. Tasted great. After that, I had another four dudes come over and fuck my cum lubed ass and unload.

I got back on my way and felt a lot of cum sloshing around the inside of my ass. I definitely had a wet spot in my boxers when I finally got home, smelled of hot sex and cum. I squatted down and opened up my hole and let all this cum flow out into a cup. I couldn’t let all this seed go to waste, drank it up and it tasted salty, sweet, and was warm. Loved it. Got to do it again in a few weeks next time I’m up in SF.

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  1. I appreciate stories like this being told because there is a new “don’t ask don’t tell” with respect to the sanitization of some of the more adventurous aspects of gay sex. It’s like a tacit agreement that straights will not ask for details about gay sex and gay men will not divulge them. Gay sex is not “just like straight sex except it’s two men” but that is what more and more I see being sold to people. While I’m not saying, a guy should walk up to his kid’s 3rd grade teacher and discuss what makes a cum dump hot, I am saying that honesty about sexuality is healthy. Not all gay men behave this way, and TIM being a producer of adult entertainment can allow fantasies to play out for those too chicken to do it in real life, but what gay man hasn’t enjoyed the thrill of the cruise or the “hit” of the conquest? I say keep being brutally honest about all aspects of gay sexuality. TIM keep up the good work!

  2. Fucking hot. Instead you should squat over my mouth and let me swallow all of that cum out of your used sloppy hole. 

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