About 10 minutes after getting on the Interstate, it started to storm like a son of a bitch. Sheets of rain, big time thunder and lightning. I crept along at about 45 miles an hour, listening to Tina Turner’s “24/7”.

The weather broke about 3 miles from a rest stop that used to be a hot cruising place, but that I hadn’t bothered to check out since the state replaced the partition between the stalls with concrete blocks and staffed the place around the clock.

Bored and tired of fighting the weather, I pulled in. The only other vehicle in the lot was the attendant’s pickup. I parked right in front of the restrooms, went inside, and took a piss. The place had been sanitized. No cum stains. No graffiti. (Yawn.)

As I was leaving the restroom building, a young guy — probably mid-twenties — was getting out of a blue Hyundai. Cincinnati Reds ballcap, Marshall University tee shirt, jean shorts, sneakers. He was probably about 5′ 7″ or 8″, trim build, brown goatee and ‘stache. As we passed each other, I nodded and asked, “How ya doin’?” He didn’t respond.

Walked over to the vending pavilion, bought a coke, lit a Camel and decided to hang around a bit. The guy in the ballcap was staying in there a long time. Each time I’d think about going inside again to check things out the female attendant (who looked like she weighed a good 300 pounds) would step outside, put her hands on her hips and give me a long look. She seemed pretty determined to keep the queers out of her restrooms, by God.

I Finished the cigarette and got back in the truck and cranked up Tina, again. The guy finally emerged. This time we made eye contact and he held it. Good sign. He got back in his car which was parked on the back of the lot, almost directly behind me. He didn’t drive off. Another good sign.

Just as I am about to think the stop might be worthwhile, a big red diesel truck pulls in. The driver gets out and walks past me towards the restrooms. He’s probably in his early 40’s. Blond hair, running down his neck to his shoulders under a ballcap. Jeans and a blue tee shirt that said something about a well digging company on the front and “We drill it deep” on the back. He was about 6′. Working-man’s sort of build with the beginning of a beer belly.

He came back out, got in his truck, and then just sat there.

Looking at the car behind me, it seemed like the young guy in the Reds cap was turned around in his seat, looking my way. Tried the brake light signal thing. No response. I decided to pull up alongside him. Just as I pulled into the slot next to him, it started to rain and then another storm hit.

I could barely make out the young guy in his car to my right but he seemed to be looking my way. In a big flash of lightning, I was pretty sure that he’d raised his hips off the seat and was waving a hard cock. I unzipped, stroked my cock for a few minutes and showed him mine. The next big lightning flash, I opened the passenger door just enough so he could see. He got out of his car and hopped into mine. We said hello and exchanged first names. He rubbed his cock through the denim.

I reached over to help him out. He immediately unzipped and pushed his shorts and briefs to his ankles, a hard, average sized cock popping out and up against his belly. Nice hairy, muscular legs. He tells me, “I was hoping this was what you were looking for.” I reached over, gave him a few strokes and cupped his balls. He ran his hand over my chest, feeling my nips through my polo.

He wants to know if we can get in the back seat. I tell him, “Sure.” He leads the way and before I’ve joined him, he has completely removed his shorts and briefs and is lying on his back on the seat. I get down on the floor between the front buckets and the back seat.

I grip and stroke his cock, admiring it in the flashes of lightning. Nice, hard, man-boy cock. I go down on him, wrapping my lips around the head and running my tongue under the rim, and then tongue-fucking his cumhole. He groans and presses his hands on his crotch, on either side of his cock and balls and hisses, “Suck it.

I slowly start mouth-fucking his cock, pausing on the downstrokes to work him deep up in my throat. He spreads his legs wide and then, with both hands pulls his knees up to his chest, offering up his hairy balls and a hairy butt and asshole.

I start to lick, suck and slobber all over his balls while stroking his cock and he groans, “Shit” and humps his balls up into my mouth. I move down to his ass crack, running my tongue back and forth across the hot hole, wetting the hairs, and then start trying to ram my tongue up his hole. He says, “Shit”” again and starts stroking himself hard and fast, so I go back up to his cock.

I mouth-fuck and deepthroat him for several minutes before he moans, “I’m gonna cum.” I pull off long enough to tell him, “Go for it” and then go back to sucking and deepthroating him. He rewards me with a big blast of thick, slightly salty cum.

I’m gently licking him clean and telling him what a great cock he has when he suddenly says, “Shit, there’s some dude looking in the window!” I turn and look. The rain has slacked off and the drilling guy has his face pressed against the window. When he sees me returning his stare, he opens the door about a foot and asks, “You fellas mind if I join you?”

I look at the young guy and he shrugs. I get out and let the drilling guy get into the seat between us. Drilling guy immediately unzips and announces, “Man, I need a blow job.” He shows a hardening, uncut cock that eventually grows to about 7″.

We take turns sucking his cock. While one of us is down on him, the other plays with his balls, or plays with and sucks his nips. I really get into his cock. Even fully hard, the skin is loose enough that I can pull it up around his cock head and run my tongue in and out. He really gets into that, saying at one point, “Whooee, you fellas sure know how to take care of a man.”

We keep up taking turns on his cock for quite awhile. When he cums, it is without notice. He shoots into the young guy’s throat, pushing his head down on his cock. When he finally lets the young guy off, I dive down and lick the spit and cum that has dripped down on his balls.

Drilling guy wastes no time in zipping up and takes off.

I sit there with the young guy for awhile, smoking and talking. He tells me that the rest area parking lot and the wooded hill above are usually pretty cruisy most weeknights from about 9:30 to 11:30 or 12:00. He finally gets out and gets into his car and we both drive off. As I pass, the attendant is standing in the doorway of the restrooms, glaring.

  1. Nothing like blow jobs in cars. Some of the best sperm I have fed on has been at a rest stop.

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