CUMSLOPPY STORY || From Bareback Virgin To Pig Bottom

I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a sweet ass to breed (cuz its alot easier then trolling around on other sites trying to find a guy into bareback) and one guy answered… He gave me a LONG reply but the just of it was that he had never had a cock inside him bare and he knew that he had a dirty side and he wanted me to help bring it out of him. Of course, I knew it was my OBLIGATION as bareback top to bring another cum hungry bottom to the dark side.

He told me that in the future he wants to try being sling fucked, try ass to mouth, being bred, felching, snowballing, group sex, etc etc. So I knew that this wouldnt be one of those guy’s that says he wants to try it and backs out at the last minute. This guy was STARVED and READY for a load up his ass and I was gonna give it to him.

We set a time for today, and I told him to wear something sexy and that I was going to take pictures because i wanted his first time to be special. So he got there, arrived with a mohawk: Full hair in a line on top, with the sides trimmed, not shaved. Just how I like it! He was wearing a shirt with these jeans that he cut to be SHORT almost ready to hug his ass. Oh yeah…. this guy was ready to be dicked down.

I walked him to my room, he seemed somewhat nervous so i started taking off his clothes. I was pleased to find under his shorts he had a nasty pig jockstrap. I knew that we were gonna have a great time right then. He had a beefy hairy body. Very nice furry soft ass, easily plowable (more cushion for the pushin’ right?) I took some hot pics of his sweet ass and of him doggystyle in his jockstrap and then got on top of the bed so I can get to work.

I bent him over and started to rim his sweet hole. He had freshly showered but the hot weather gave his ass a nice sweaty hole flavor that was fucking DELICIOUS. I could taste the full flavor of his hot hole and couldnt wait to fill it with my fucking jizz. After eaten his sweet hole he started poppering up while i slid some gun oil over my cock. I pointed my dick straight at his hole and slid it right in. He was plowed 3 times the previous day so his ass let me in so easy. He started to moan…

“Oh fuck…. is your dick really raw? Inside of me? oh FUCK..”

“Yeah boy,” i said. “I got my big FAT raw cock in that fucking hole… and i’m not pulling out til you’ve had the full experience…. Im gonna fill that fuckhole up and send you home full of my babies”

I kept on pounding his ass while he screamed how amazing I was. This boy was so fucking APPRECIATIVE. He thanked me over and told me what a stud I was. Not that I needed it, but this boy was wonderful for my self confidence level. I told him like a good boy to beg for my nut in his fucking hole and he did…

“Give it to me! OHHHHH I want it soooooo bad! Please give it to me! I need it! PLEASE”

I started really piston fucking this hot fucking cumslut. He really needed it badly. he needed my cum inside him to feel complete. I was gonna show him ALL he was missing out on. So with one final barrage of ass pounding thrusts I let loose a FLOOD of cum into his gut.

“OH fuck! Yes! I can feel it! OH MAN I can feel it INSIDE OF ME. Oh yes man I can feel your fucking babies filling me up! I can feel your cum!”

After fucking the cum further and further inside him I decided to cross off another thing off his list… Ass to mouth. So I layed down and pulled his head to my dick. Obediently he slobbered up ever bit of cum off of my cock and tasted a combination of his sweet hole, gun oil, and my jizz that leaked out of his ass onto my cock.

  1. Love guys like this. You know if they are curious about being fucked raw that they are going to be an awesome pig bottom.

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