CUMSLOPPY STORY || Sweaty Balls for Lunch

The first day back at work always sucks! I was so freaking horny at lunch I decided to go over to the track at the school. I can usually find a hot guy running around the track.

I took my regular spot on the bleachers and stretched out in the sun! Not a bad day today, I thought. I was checking the guys out on the track. Most were fat women. I was beginning to think I was not gonna get any cum for lunch. I was about to leave when I noticed a guy walking in the direction of the field house near the woods. I could not really make out who it was. The guy disappeared on the other side of the building.

I walked into the field house. It was kinda dark and it took a min for my eyes to adjust.

I must have startled him because when he turned around he still had his cock in his hand. His shorts were around his knees. He started to pull his shorts on and run. Hold on, I said. The boy stopped and started to explain that he was just taking a piss. Really, I said. Looks to me like you were jacking off. The boy looked stunned. He was trying to stuff a very hot looking erection into his shorts. It’s Ok, I said. I reached out and put my hand on his hard cock. The boy jumped back. I moved closer and started to rub his cock. The guy let his hands fall to his side. I was fondling his cock and letting my other hand squeeze and rub his hairless balls. The boy began to breath heavy. Were you jacking off, I asked. Yes, the boy said. Does this feel better, I asked. It’s amazing, he said.

I had never seen this boy around, and was thinking that maybe, this was not a good idea. But it had gone too far. I don’t know what his age was. But I did know that I wanted his boy cum!

I pulled his shirt up and off. He did not seem to care. His chest was smooth and lightly sculpted. He had big brown nipples. I leaned in and licked them. I sucked and bit them. The boys cock was now solid rock. I want to suck your cock, I said. Do you want me too? I don’t know, the boy said. I mean I never had it done before, he said. His cock was throbbing in my hand.

I had the boy stand up on one of the old benches. I sat down on the bench with the guys cock right in my face. I licked the head of his cock, now slick with boy’s pre cum. He tasted to freaking good! His body shuttered when my tongue touched the silky skin of his cock head. I next lifted his cock and licked under the shaft all the way down to his balls. I slathered his balls with my saliva. The boy was breathing really fast now. His pre cum was flowing all over my face and hair. I continued to suck his heavy ball sack. The blond beauty grabbed his cock and started to j.o. I pulled his hand away. Let me, I whispered. I licked my way back up his engorged cock. It was really slick with my saliva and his pre cum.

I got to the head of his cock with my tongue. I tickled his cock head, even stabbed his piss slit with my tongue. Boy was ready to blow. His balls were tight to his body.

I reached around and squeezed his smooth ass cheeks. With my hands firmly on his ass I swallowed his cock to his spit soaked balls!

The boy gasped. I swallowed him into my throat. I slowly sucked up the length of his fat cock. Then I shoved a finger into his ass. The boy began to unload his balls into my mouth. It was a gusher of boy cum shooting out of his cock direct into my mouth. His cum was thick and sweet, and endless! I swallowed every drop his balls gave me, and I wanted more.

I let his cock slip from my mouth, licking cum off it as it did. I kissed and sucked on his balls. The guy was spent.He pulled his shorts up and just stood there like he was dazed. Did you like it, I asked. The boy said he did. All I ever do is jerk off, he said. Can we do it again, he asked. I had to get back to work. I gave him my phone number. You can text me anytime, I said. Can I bring a friend next time, he asked. I don’t know, I said. Does he go to the same college you do, I asked. The boy laughed, no he said. I’m a senior in high school!

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  1. MMM i would eat that hot load for lunch everyday. Sometimes i would want it in my hole though…

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