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“Oh so controversial.” No, not really: this week I’ll be talking about “the second cuming out,” as I believe Paul so correctly labeled it. And that is coming out as poz, i.e. as an HIV positive man.

The weird thing about HIV, to me, was always the “shame” factor—that someone who caught it always felt ashamed, set aside from society in a way, and made to feel less of a person, in a way.

I never quite understood this, as to me it was always “just another disease,” although it has taken me many years to come to terms with my own status, and to be totally honest with myself and others.

The other day, for example, I was talking to an old friend I haven’t heard from in many years, and it turns out that he had been very ill. He’d been bitten by a foreign mosquito when travelling abroad and, eight years later, suffered the terrifying consequences badly. I don’t want to go into the details too much but it sounded a right ordeal. My first reaction was, of course, how sad and scary, and how lucky the doctors found out in time. Not for one second did I think, “Hmm, he should have been more careful when going abroad,” or “he shouldn’t have gone abroad,” etc.

I know the circumstances and things like the risk factors are completely different, but my point is that, rather than casting blame, we should moral and physical support, etc. Not just from health clinics but society as a whole. Just my thoughts on the subject.

Anyhow, don’t be afraid to cum out. It’s like in Harry Potter: the more people afraid of mentioning Voldemort’s name, the scarier it becomes, right?

There is a world in the future where HIV will be considered just another deadly disease—so let’s get over the HIV stigma and get there already. The only way to do this, I think, is by honesty and pride, not shame and closed closet doors. I’m bored of hidden code words and “testing the water” in chat rooms, trying to find other poz lads to bb, hehe.

I have, of course, been a very naughty man lately. I went to a local gay sauna with my best friend, and I quickly disappeared into the dark rooms that have glory hole cubicles, where I lent out my cock to different horny men’s bums and faces, one after the other. I must have shot at least 4 loads that evening in a couple of hours.

Also today I had two horny lads popping by my office and dumping their juicy loads in my mouth before heading back to their work desks, while I went back to my desk, realising I still had a bit of sticky cum in my beard, blush. I stank of sex and cum; the young intern on my left side must have smelt it, hehe.


Next week I’ll be writing about another biggy: love and relationships—or at least what it means to me (if anyone cares to listen.)

And I saw this little note about hugging:


I loveeeee hugs, and I steel hugs from most people I run into.


HUGS – Anton

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  1. I understand perfectly Anton. I practice bb and I love it. Cumming in a guy ass or cumming inside me or swallowing or to be swallowed are for me the most intense pleasure.

  2. Very interesting article. I agreed with the first part but I found the second part possibly irresponsible. If you didn’t disclose your status to those people you were fucking, I think it is wrong.

      1. I had the toxic sign tattooed on my body. I ask my fuck buddies if they have seen it and know what it means. Once that is out of the way, and understood, we can get down to good old BB. Hugs

          1. Nothing to it, Anton. You soon get used to the needle. I really like tattoos, on myself and other guys. Would love to see a few on you. Hugs. Daniel.

  3. The second cumming out leads to the end of the shame which was never there in the first place.

    1. There are still people that feel ashamed at that they became positive,
      It’s so strange I find it, these things happen, I mean does a lung cancer patient feel shame for smoking and getting sick that way?

  4. How exactly do ‘honesty’ and ‘pride’ fit with having bb sex with multiple guys in sauna glory holes? You disclose every time? The boys you fuck are all poz already? I totally agree that the shame and stigma should be removed from hiv, but behaviour can be shameful and if you’re as irresponsible as it seems you deserve all the stigma you get.

    1. Most people I fuck with do indeed know my status, they either see my films and cum to that conclusion by themselves, or it’s is revealed in conversations by chatting online esc. I don’t go to sex clubs / etc that often tbh, and most of my sexual activities consists of blowjobs. But the point is that ANY sexually active person shares an equally important part of protecting themselves. It has shown on tests that apparently poz men thinks that if a partner is not insisting on protection he presumes the other one is poz too. Equally the study showed that if the guy was negative and his partner didnt insist on protection he presumes that the other one is negative. I think the route to the problem is this. EQUAL responsibility is the key, it’s not a blame game, it’s not an evil act, sex is fun, and yes we should protect the people we are with and all

      1. I never blamed the person I got poz by, cause what’s the point in that? It’s not a question of Who’s fault it is or why? It’s a question of how we do move on from here, how do we make things better,
        And I was equally as responsible as he was to me becoming poz…

  5. Thanks for the huge and feedback, much appreciated,

    And fucking is like a second or even first instinct hehe
    Can’t get enough of it lol

    Anytime jayson hehe

    Hugs a

    1. Aint that the truth ! Men like us fuck outta pure insatiable instinct ; yet so many other gay men, who have the same natural sexual hungers, would rather deny that about themselves and behave in a more disciplined manner (at least publicly) in order to gain the favor of the traditional mainstream !

      BTW, anytime – and any place – hung and handsome ! XXX Jayse

  6. The “stigma” is the after-effect of the once understandable idea, a generation back, of reconsidering whether some mens’ overt sexual behavior got them this disease; and there’s little denying that many, who “fucked around,” got it that way. But it wasn’t the rampant sex that created the epidemic, twas the lack of understanding or treatment.

    In the years hence, the establishments – and “established notions” – of the health (and “gay culture”) groups that came about at that time, who successfully mis-used the idea of reversing our sexual course as a way to gain a foothold and sympathy – which then morphed into even more ideologies of praising those who’d turn their natural sexual impulses to more traditional-minded ways – nowadays find it impossible to espouse a different course when it cums to male intercourse. Because, to be blunt, it fucks up their entire business model. Getting the “powers-that-be” to change their position – from the “fear of a death sentence” to that of dealing with a quite livable condition? Yeah, only if to them it makes “dollars and sense” to them first.

    Meanwhile, Anton, you hottie, Id be honoured if I were ever in a position/place to have you fuck the beJesus outta me, and your nut in my barefuckin’ porn arse!

      1. I think youre a beautiful soul too. Along with being an articulate, thoughtful, and importantly provocative one at that !

        Plus, the more you (and I) bring our manly/sexual motivations out in the open, the more others will question there’s. Which is a healthier outCUM for all men.

        Speaking of CUM (LOL), I do think when guys fuck under naturally raw (unadulterated and unfettered) conditions it’s as masculine as it gets. So yeah, if we two were ever to fuck (and let’s hope so, handsome !), the manly pleasures will be tenfold indeed !

  7. I totally agree with you. People need to stop playing the judgmental blame game crap when it comes to those who are poz.

  8. I was just diagnosed this spring. It was a shock after two decades of bb sex, but the stigma and shame were unexpected. I kind of feel stupid, but, it comes with the territory when you are a cum whore bottom and love anonymous sex with as many men as you can get. And I do.

    1. Yeah but stigma can be beaten, we need to unite and be strong, and it will die down with time I believe!
      Big hugs and all the best

      Do eat your daily two Brazil nuts per day (no more than 3) it will help your selenium values up which will help your immune system fight the virus and increase your cd4 counts

      Big hugs anton

  9. There will always be those straight and gay ignorant assholes out there that do not understand a fucking thing and act out on their ignorance. Knowledge is tolerance.

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