CUMSLOPPY STORY || You Can’t Rape the Willing

Found this guy online on a sex site. He was in my neighborhood and I was horned up in the early morning and had the place to myself. it was early last summer – and just starting to get hot enough that you could have the windows open for a nice breeze. I hit him up and asked if he wanted to fuck, saying “I will leave the front door unlocked. You let yourself in, make your way upstairs and find me naked and blindfolded, up on all fours, ass up and ready for dick. I’ll have hot BB porn playing. You interested?” “Fuck yeah! Give me the address and I’ll head over.” I unlocked the front door, put in one of my favorite T.I.M. vids, and positioned myself naked and blindfolded on the bed. I heard the front door open and close and his footsteps on the stairs as he slowly climbed them. As he entered the bedroom I heard him say “nice” as he striped out of his clothing. The sound of the porn playing in the background. He dove on to the bed and rammed his face and tongue into my hungry ass, his hands spreading my ass cheeks wide as he tongue-fucked my hole. He was rough and I knew I was in for a hot time.

After he had rimmed me good, and had gotten me groaning and moaning, he moved in front of me, ripped-off my blindfold, lay back, legs spread wide, his dick hard and throbbing in front of me. It looked bigger than it had seemed in his on-line photos. Much longer with a nice juicy head and hard as nails. “Suck my cock you fuckin’ pig” was all he said, as he grabbed the nape of my neck and shoved my face down on to his dick. I started sucking and licking. Soon enough he was deep-thrusting into my mouth and throat, all the while holding the back of my head as he face fucked me hard and deep. Then he pulled me up and off his cock, and leaned forward to roughly kiss me, his tongue invading my mouth as his whiskers gave me razor burn as our mouths clashed and wrestled with each other. I was so fucking turned on.

Then he shoved me back down to his dick and resumed his relentless face-fucking. After a bit of deep throat-fucking, he lifted my head up again, and lay back while lifting his legs higher to reveal his hairy ass crack. “Rim my fucking hole, man” as he grabbed my head and slammed me deep into his crack. I went into overdrive with his musky scent and hot hairy hole, licking, sucking, kissing and rimming it. I heard him moaning in pleasure “fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah.” Then he repositioned the both of us, flipped me over so I was on my back as he sat on my face, lowering his hot ass down on to my open mouth and wagging tongue. “Deep rim that hole you fucker,” as he started pinching and playing with my erect nipples. I spread his ass nice and wide and buried my face in his crack, and went to town. Eventually he pulled back and started feeding me his dick and balls from above, deep-throating me as he straddled my head, his hairy thighs keeping my head in a vice grip. “Fuck yeah! Suck that cock you fuckin’ whore. Take that dick. Fuckin’ faggot slut. You know you want it, man. Gonna fuckin’ fill you up you fuckin’ bottom bitch whore cocksucker. I’m gonna rape your fuckin’ ass.”

Wiith that he climbed off of my drooling mouth and moved behind my ass, positioning me on all fours. I felt him spit on my hole and without any finese slammed his hard dick all the way in. A hard deep thrust that made me groan in genuine pain. It fuckin’ hurt, and he knew it. “Fuck yeah, bitch. Take my cock. You fuckin’ pussy cocksuckin’ faggot,” as he pulled his hard dick all the way out and slammed it back inside – long-dicking my ass hard and deep.

It took a while for me to get used to his raping my hole. He was rough. He slapped my ass with abandon, grabbing my ass cheeks with his fingers, clutching them and spreading them wide as he started pumping harder and harder. Then he repositioned himself so that he was straddling me from behind, all the while his cock was deep in my hole, his legs straddling knees, squatting down as he held on to my waist and rammed his dick inside, pistoning in and out of my hole as a stream of obscenities flowed from his mouth.

Repositioning himself again, this time pushing me forward so I lay face-down on the bed, spread eagle, his knees opening my legs even wider for his fucking pleasure. His lightly hairy chest rubbed against my naked back as he gripped my shoulders holding me in position as he rammed his dick deep. Then he surprised me: he started licking and chewing on my ear, reaching forward to catch deep rough kisses on my mouth then back to my ear “gonna fill you up pussy boy – gonna breed your fuckin’ hole you slut.” About then he started cumming and shouting out “Fuck yeah, take it bitch – giving you my fuckin’ cum you whore – you faggot ass cocksucker – take it all.” After he shot he kept pumping. My dick also shot, of course all over my sheets. His full weight collapsed on top of me as he started to slow down, his dick still buried deep in my hole. “Fuck yeah. Just what I needed this morning.”

Then he pulled his dick out, slapped my ass hard, dressed and headed out the front door.

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  1. The guys asshole in the pictures is insane, it just wont let go of his cock. I want to experience that.

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