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Mephedrone: (4-methylmethcathinone, 4-MMC) is a research chemical drug of the beta-ketone family, first reported in Israel during the mid-2000’s. It is a substituted cathinone and structurally related to both methcathinone and methamphetamine. It has euphoric and stimulant properties. Mephedrone was developed in the UK and distributed quite cheaply, quickly gaining popularity amongst youth at a time when more common drugs like E became increasingly scarce. A boom in its popularity as a recreational drug across the UK, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe during 2009 attracted substantial media and political interest, and in many nations resulted in possession and distribution of mephedrone being criminalized.

Street namesMieow, Meow, Meph, Mephedrone, MCAT, 4MMC, Sunshine, Drone, and Bubble

Effects: The primary effects tend to reflect those of stimulants such as amphetamines, cocaine, or MDMA (Ecstasy). There appears to be a distinct euphoria and sociability inspired by the compound, as well as a strong urge to ingest large quantities subsequent to initial administration. Recreational doses induce transient anorexia, and appear to affect cardiac activity in typical CNS stimulant patterns.

The after-effects or ‘come-down’ associated with mephedrone – occurring immediately subsequent to the duration of effects of the compound – is highly variable, but commonly consists of overall behavioral sedation and a desire to ingest more. There indeed appears to be an effect upon mood that reflects those of other recreational drugs. There is discussion of a suppression of immune system function, as many observe short periods of sickness.

Side-effects vary, and include reactions as mild as persistently raised heart rate to severe – such as seizures and a bluing, or apparent bruising, of the arms and legs. Other side-effects include difficulties with memory, persistently low body-temperature, anhedonia, and chest pain. Mephedrone has a very real danger of overdose; the most commonly-reported symptoms of overdose include: bluing numbing limbs, paranoia & anxiety, tinnitus, buccal blisters, and chest pain. 

Sex on Mephedrone:  Though there is limited research on the effects of mephedrone on sex, many users have shared an experience of euphoric sex on it. Some say it breaks down inhibitions in the way that MDMA does, but with a much more raw sexual edge. Meaning, you actually want to have sex rather than just cuddle and love your friends. Others have claimed they can last for longer hours of sex on mephedrone and unlike MDMA, it is much easier to cum while taking. Guys do seem to have the inevitable issues with a prolonged boner, but they seem to be less bothered by it.

A Doctors Experience: “Surely it can’t be that bad if I can buy it in a shop, I reasoned to myself. But, more than anything, I felt I had to know what it was that so many of my patients were telling me they were taking each weekend. Impulsively I bought some. I was nervous, so before taking it, I canvassed a few friends. A lawyer, an architect and two people in publishing: they had all tried it and said how good it was. Back at home, my friends – a doctor and a midwife – arrived and after some discussion, we decided to try it.

At first, I felt nothing except a slight burning sensation in my nose. Then, as I went to the kitchen to get a drink, it occurred to me how much I loved my friend Rhiannon. I came back in and sat down on the chair and stared at her. “You OK?” she asked. “I am absolutely fine,” I replied, smiling widely. “I really love you.” “It’s working then,” she replied sardonically. A few minutes later, we were all sitting round in a euphoric haze, smiling benignly but with an incomprehensible, overwhelming desire to dance. It was nearly impossible to keep still.

Then things became very vivid and real and everything everyone said suddenly became very important. Before we knew it we were piling into a cab, laughing and giggling uncontrollably and going to a club. The effects lasted for about another two hours. Then, as suddenly as they had appeared, they vanished.” READ MORE

How it’s taken –

Swallow it: Taking a fixed amount orally can help limit the common urge to redose and prevent excess use. Oral doses can be taken in a variety of ways; the easiest being either mixed with water, or wrapped in a rizla paper and swallowed. 

 Oral doses last longer but also take longer at onset; Redosing early has a high probablity of leading to overdose.

Snort it: Snorting mephedrone can dramatically increase the urge to redose, those who do so have been known to set out a maximum amount for the night and stick to it. Crushing/chopping the powder finely and placing the snorting device (normally a straw) well inside the nostril are tricks some users do to get a more sustained high. Many people consider snorting to be a dangerous method of administration; nose bleeds and nasal sores are a common complaint compared with many other drugs taken via this route.

Inject it: Shooting mephedrone aka ‘slamming’ is extremely dangerous, and highly enhances the potential for dangerous side-effects. The drug is observed to be quite addictive by individuals favoring oral and intranasal routes; the addictive components of the effects of the drug are likely to be quite higher, and may compel users to pursue dangerously high levels. 

Anally: Otherwise referred to as ‘plugging’ or ‘booty-bumping’, is characterized by a faster onset and  requires lower doses, and has been suggested to be characterized as having a more rapid termination of activity relative to oral doses. Two general methods include the use of a syringe (needle removed) or gel cap as a vehicle for the compound to be inserted.

Intended for informational purposes only. Some information in this article was sourced from www.tripproject.ca and drugs-furum.com The Trip? project now provides a service called TRIP!Wire, a text service that allows anyone to directly asks questions about drug usage. Text your questions to (647)822-6435 [standard text message rates apply] but keep in mind responses take 12-24 hours. For drug related emergencies such as overdose don’t hesitate to contact 911.

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