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There’s a hot spot in the central male restroom at the local uni campus, where loads of action takes place, particularly on a Friday night. On this particular night I was running late, but it didn’t matter as all the boys were heated up and ready to boil when I got there: about ten guys, all ages, all types, all at it like knives in the dark. Total abandon. I waded in and got straight down on my knees. I was making it with all the guys there – it was a total orgy so everyone was, in fact, making it with everyone else – but I had strong chemistry with this one guy in particular. He was HOT, I thought probably way out of my league, but he seemed keen on me, so I went with it.

He was about five foot ten, sporty body, very smooth skin, in shorts and boots and a tanktop. Bit old for an undergraduate, but definitely one of the younger guys there. And a dick that wouldn’t quit: he was sticking it everywhere, down people’s throats, up guys’ asses, totally at random. He beckoned to me, and like a puppy I followed him – he seemed to know the campus well, so either he was a postgraduate student or just a total manwhore who’d checked out all the nooks and crannies of the place. He took me deep into the bowels of one of the departmental buildings and we ended up down some remote corridor, locked in a small gents cubicle. Then without warning he stripped buck naked.

I just stood there and gawked – this guy was ripped, and his dick was sticking up so hard, and yes, it was slick with something, if not precum then lube or maybe even some dude’s ass juices. His dick wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, maybe six inches long, but crikey it was fat around. Seeing him standing there, one hand on his hip, smirking at me, wearing nothing but his sports socks, hit me like a brick. A big, fat, throbbing, dripping, juicy, studly brick.

No prizes for guessing what I did next – on my (well-worn) knees and servicing that fat pole like there was no tomorrow. I gradually peeled off items of clothing, whilst sucking away at the same time like a total slut (quite tricky, but it can be done). I did eventually get everything but my shirt off, and then we just lost it. We kissed, he reamed out my mouth with his tongue, he ground his dick against my hip, he whirled around and bent over. Again, my jaw dropped – not only did he have a fantastic butt: buoyant, firm, slightly on the big side – but he was sporting a tattoo of a dragon on the left cheek. I went down on my knees again, and after trying unsuccessfully to lick that gorgeous tattoo off, I shot home with my tongue and rimmed him till he was almost unconscious. He spread his legs and let me burrow in as deep as I could into his funky butthole, and I reached around and pulled on his whanger at the same time. He totally got off on being rimmed, as his dick indicated: it was hard, hard, hard and leaking like a faucet. (Also, a few weeks later, I witnessed him being eaten out by another dude and my tattoo boy was squealing with pleasure, so …). He mumbled something about wanting to taste his ass on my tongue … at any rate, he turned around, yanked me up by the armpits, and shoved his tongue back down my throat.

By now I was so steamed up I would have done ANYTHING he asked me to. I am, admittedly, a total slut but even so, most of the time, I have limits. Not with this guy, and I had no defences against the sex energy he was laying on me – he was in rut now, and I had little choice. He turned me around, spat on his cock, and shoved it without ceremony up my ass. Now it was sort of lubed from my being rimmed back during the earlier scrum, however, it needed a bit more than he provided. We both spat on our fingers, and applied it to my asshole – he also wiped some of the copious precum off the tip of his cock, and then jammed two fingers up my ass. Wow that hurt, but he wasn’t going to let me get away. Bit difficult, with the cubicle door locked, and his fingers curled up inside my rectum. He just wriggled his fingers around a bit, then started kissing me on the nape of my neck, then licking my ear. THEN he started talking dirty – you want it, you bitch, you’re dying to have my dick up your ass, you want to take it all the way up your horny little butt – etc. etc. Well that did it – I yanked his hand away, and grabbed his rock hard cock, and guided it into my ass. No pain at all this time – oh no, no pain, just that lovely oh yesssssss oh goddamnit yesssss … well, you guys must know what I mean.

We must have bucked and fucked around in that cubicle for at least half an hour, and my ass was starting to feel a bit well-used. But I just couldn’t stop encouraging him to fuck me fuck me fuck me, jamming that splendid dick of his right up in my ass, and banging myself back onto him every time he flagged, which only got him stoked again. Suddenly, without warning, he hit a spot inside me that rendered any control I had over cumming totally useless. Because we’d been fucking for so long, and because the chemistry was so hot, I nearly blacked out, as my cock throbbed and throbbed and I came all over the door of the cubicle, the floor, the wall. I could feel that my ass muscles were chewing away at his cock as I lost control, and sure enough that set him off. He stopped thrusting while he was balls-deep in my twitching ass, and he blew his load up there.

Then he just stood there, with his twitching fucker inside me, my ass burning in that well-fucked way, and he kissed my neck and murmured smutty words of endearment. I just didn’t want him to take his cock out of my ass – but after a while it popped out anyway. It wasn’t until we were dressing that I felt the cum leaking down my leg. I swear that was so hot, I would’ve jumped on him again for sloppy seconds, except my ass was just too sore by then. He mumbled his goodbye and dashed out of the cubicle.

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