CUMSLOPPY STORY || Loaded in the Basement

I was chatting on manhunt after hours, when my boyfriend goes to bed. I started talking to this one kid who’s a little younger than i am. He’s 21. Skinny but toned. I messaged him and told him i wanted to get fucked while my boyfriend was sleeping. He wrote back and said “sounds hot”

I told him i only did it once before, but that it was so HOT!!! He asked me where i lived and said he would be right over. I told him we would have to do it in the basement of our apt building. He said he didnt care where we did it, just as long as we did it. I told him i would meet him in the basement. i gave him the address.

I quietly opened the door and went into the basement and waited. It wasn’t too long before i heard the basement door open. It was so dark i couldn’t really see him. But i knew it was him. He came up to me and started kissing me. Grabbing my dick and ass through my pants. I could feel his dick and it was huge. He pulled down my pants and slapped his dick over my ass. I turned around and went down on his dick. Slobbering all over it, trying to make it wet enough to slide right in. I licked his balls.

He grabbed me and put me into position. I love it when guys take control of their bottom. He spit on his cock and then slowly stuck it in my smooth ass. We both moaned as his hot member entered my ass until it was the whole way in and i could feel his bush on my ass cheeks.

I pushed back and He started to fuck me wild. In and out thrusts the whole length of his dick. He said “i bet your boyfriend would love to see this.” I was bent over and he was pounding my ass. I reached back to feel his thighs and ass. His body was so hot and toned. I knew i wanted his load! We didn’t fuck too long. In fact he did say online that he came quickly bareback.

“you want my babies?” he asked

“yeah breed me” i moaned.

he pulsated inside my ass. I could feel it drip down my thighs. It was a hot load. He kept brutally fucking his load inside my ass.

“I’m going to cum again!”

this time he pulled half-way out my ass, only keeping the head of his penis inside – filling me up with his second load. he pulled out and went down on my ass licking up his cum. I’ve never had a guy eat cum out of my ass. Ive always seen it on porn, and always wanted to try it. My bf of course doesn’t do it. It felt so hot. His tongue darting as deep as he could get it. after he was done, his face was sticky with cum and he started making out with me. I could taste cum. I wont lie, it was hot.

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