CUMSLOPPY STORY || Birthday DP Part 1

I’ve been fooling around with Aaron and Ken for about a year now. They consider themselves an exclusive couple, but since they’re both tops, they enlist the services of my eager young hole on a fairly regular basis. I first met Aaron two years ago when I was 21 at my local gym. I was doing some weights and needed a lifting buddy. The place was pretty empty, but I noticed Aaron who was 27 working out on the other side of the gym. After I spent some time watching him and rubbing myself through my sweatpants, I decided to go over and ask for some help. He ended up giving me a spot, and then pounding my spot in the locker room shower with his 7.5 inch cock.

We got together once or twice a week since then. Aaron always ended up exhausted on top of me and I always ended up with a happy butt full of cum. Then, Aaron met Ken, a masculine hairy stud who’s one year older than him. Things slowed down after that, but quickly resumed once they got tired of gentle fucking each other. The first time I was invited in bed with them, I thought my hole was done for. They tag teamed my tight butt for two hours, taking advantage of finally having a hungry bottom that enjoyed being impaled by hard throbbing cocks. Ken’s 8.5 inch long dick was the perfect complement to Aaron’s thicker cock. Either way, I was getting all the cock and cum I could hold in my mouth and hole.

Ken’s 30th birthday was fast approaching and Aaron wanted to do something special for the big day. I always told him that it’s been a huge fantasy of mine to cram two cocks up my hole. So for the weeks leading up to Ken’s birthday, Aaron and I had training sessions to properly stretch me out. Each time he would fuck me deep and slowly add toys next to his cock. I’ve gathered up a pretty impressive collection since my teenage years, so we had toys the size of a finger and toys the size of a beer bottle to work with. By Ken’s birthday, Aaron could pound my hole next to a nine inch dildo. It stretched me to my limits, but I always had a grin on my face. I was ready!

The day finally came and I had frozen a couple of my loads earlier in the week to use as lube. I squirted my thawed out seed inside myself and was ready for a Class A fuckfest. Aaron took Ken to dinner that night and gave me the key to their place, saying they’d be back by 8:00. At 7:45, I hopped onto their bed and propped myself up, naked on all fours. My cum-filled hole was in full view and waiting for attention. Ten minutes later, I could hear footsteps in the house and my hole twitched in anticipation.

… To Be Continued.

Courtesy of a TIM Fan.

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