CUMSLOPPY STORY || In Heat, Part 2

I was primed now, and fucking horny as hell. I took my iPhone out to see if i had gotten any replies to my CL ad. There were five. Fuck, looks like it’s gonna be a good day. Two of them were bogus, but the other three looked good, two were actually from guys who had fucked me before and wanted more. Well fuck yeah. I typed off three quick replies and headed home. when I got home, all three had replied and wanted to fuck. I explained to each that there were others and that I had just gotten a load. No one was bothered by that, in fact they all seemed pretty turned on by the prospect of fucking a cummy hole.

The first guy I had over was a regular anonymous fuck. He’s a big guy with a small cock, but he fucks really good, and best of all, has huge loads. I kinda like his small cock because it leaves his huge load just inside my hole. I arrange for him to cum first. The second guy is another hot Latino guy who fucked me once before. He was kinda funny cause he insists on using a condom. The first time when he told me this, I told him “no thanks, I want your load” and about 10 minutes later he was writing me back saying he could pop the top of the condom if I wanted. Of course, I said that was cool and asked him if he wanted me to prepare a condom for him. He said yes, so I pretty much created a funnel for cum and set it out for him. I remembered he had big loads too, so I was feeling pretty happy that I was gonna get nice and wet and filled. The third guy was the surprise of the day though. He said he wanted me blindfolded and waiting ass up, and said he was really turned on by the fact there were already three loads in me.

It was already getting dark, and I had this blindfold on, laying on my stomach when he came in, I had this weird feeling, it didn’t sound like he was alone, but what the fuck, I was in heat. I was right. there were two guys. One guy got on the head of the bed and I felt something push against my lips, slippery and wet. ah, a cock. I opened and he pushed it in, holding the back of my head. at the same time. I felt the other guy spreading my thighs and pressing the tip of his cock against my wet hole. He was big, but slid right in to my already wet and worked hole. I was a busy guy: both my mouth and ass were being worked. It didn’t take long. I heard the guy fucking my ass breath in as his cock went balls deep and he delivered his load deep inside, mixing it with the other cum. The guy I was sucking immediately pulled out and went to my ass to take his turn.

He was a little smaller, but still filled the hole and sounded like he was enjoying himself, so I was fucking happy. I kind of expected the other guy to give me his cock in my mouth, but apparently he was standing to the side watching his friend. I reached under and felt for balls of the guy who was fucking me. That seemed to trigger him, ’cause he shot. I love that feeling of a guy’s balls contracting and unloading all that cum inside me. Fuck, I was happy… but apparently not done. The first guy was ready for seconds and I was happy to accommodate him. He closed my legs and mounted me, this time doing a slow, deep grinding fuck. I think his friend must have been stroking his balls while he fucked me. I could feel his hand between my thighs. He sighed as his second load shot into me. I was feeling pretty rich. I figured they were done and would leave, but the guy just quietly lay there. After a few moments, I felt his cock start to twitch and I started to feel all warm inside. I then realized he was pissing inside me. At first I was startled – this was a first, but then I got crazy turned on by the idea and just lay there. He stayed there for what seemed quite a few minutes, then slowly pulled out.

They dressed an left without a word. Damn. I was full – he didn’t spill a drop and I was holding it all in. After he left I realease more than a liter of his piss. Best fucking fuck day ever.

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  1. Piss fucking an unexpecting bottom is one of life’s most enjoyable fucks. I love the shivers that the bottom makes when he figues out just exactly what is happening. Hot story, Doc.

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