Losing Your Inhibitions || Sex & Cocaine

Cocaine: is a powerful stimulant, (it speeds the body up), that comes as a white powder made from the leaves of the South American coca shrub. It’s usually mixed or ‘cut’ with things like sugars, talc, baking soda, painkillers, toxins or amphetamine.

Street Names: Charlie, chang, coke, chaz, gak, toot, Vialli, snow, white, nose candy, Bolivian marching powder, blow, sniff, etc.

Other forms of cocaine: Freebase cocaine is cocaine without its water-soluble component or ‘base’. A chemical treatment is used to draw out the ‘pure’ cocaine from many of the impurities, increasing the impact of the effects when smoked. Crack is a form of freebase cocaine made by heating cocaine hydrochloride with baking soda or ammonia in water. Speedball is the term given for an injectable and dangerous mixture of soluble cocaine and heroin.

Dosing: The most common method of taking cocaine involves sniffing or snorting a small amount (usually called a line) up the nose through a small tube (often a rolled-up banknote or straw). The drug is then absorbed into the blood via the nasal membrane. Cocaine can also be heated and the fumes inhaled. In soluble form, cocaine can be injected.

Effects: Taking cocaine makes users feel on top of the world, wide-awake, confident and on top of their game – but some people are over-confident on it and so may take very careless risks. Its effect is much like speed (amphetamines), but is usually stronger and doesn’t last as long. When snorting coke it takes longer to peak then smoking  but the effects still don’t last that long, only around 20-30 minutes. When the effects of any cocaine use start to wear off there can be a very strong temptation to take more, particularly with the long ‘come down’, the crash period sometimes lasting for days afterwards.

Sex and Cocaine: The drug can make you feel hornier, more sexually confident and energetic, with a feeling of greater physical strength and increased stamina for longer sessions. An enhanced sense of touch and sensuality can increase sexual pleasure, giving longer, more powerful orgasms. The drug has a reputation for making some users selfish or aggressive during sex. Its pain-killing effect can lead to rougher sex. Rubbing coke in/on the asshole will numb it. Erection problems, difficulty in coming and less sex drive can all be side-effects, especially with large doses and long-term use.

First Hand Accounts:

Sam: My name is Sam. I am 25, and my boy friend is 26. We both use cocaine on a regular basis. It started out as a line here or there on a night out- nothing too major. Now every weekend we “get on it” and within 8 months we have spent about $24,000 on cocaine. It got to the point where I would take cocaine during the week and whilst at work. This addiction is ruining my life, not financially, because as it happens we both have good jobs and we can afford the expense, but mentally. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t high or paranoid. Feeling as if you want to take a power drill to your head, just to stop the thoughts running through your mind is no fun, believe me.

Trevor: So I ended up in front of a mirror full of coke, debating whether I should try some myself. Just one line to see what it’s like and I’d save the rest to share with my friend tomorrow. I did a few very, very small lines and hardly felt anything — I started thinking maybe the guy had sold me chopped up aspirin and got pissed. I thought, I’ll just do two medium-sized lines, if one’s not enough, I’ll snort the other too, and if that does nothing it has to be shit. Well I snorted the first one, and I felt something. I started snorting the second one and all of a sudden I felt the most amazing adrenaline rush mixed with overwhelming joy and euphoria. My hands were shaking and starting to feel numb, but I did a few more small lines. It was compulsive; I wanted to see just how euphoric I could get. I literally felt happier than I’d ever felt in my entire life. I almost cried, and I’ve never, ever cried out of happiness before. An orgasm is nothing compared to a coke high. I understood how people could do it until their septum’s rotted away. You could have shot me right then and I’d be happy.

Intended for informational purposes only. Some information in this article was sourced fromwww.tripproject.ca and drugs-furum.com The Trip? project now provides a service called TRIP!Wire, a text service that allows anyone to directly asks questions about drug usage. Text your questions to (647)822-6435 [standard text message rates apply] but keep in mind responses take 12-24 hours. For drug related emergencies such as overdose don’t hesitate to contact 911.


  1. The good old days of snorting lines off the back of a hot boy skewered on my big cock were lots of fun for both of us. Add a booty bump and he could go all night on me.

  2. Is this article supposed to arouse interest in Slammed, your latest release? While I understand the power of fantasy, the references to drug culture in both the aforementioned film and this article cross a line. Is this the direction that TIM is heading for?

  3. Never done cocaine, too expensive, poor country boys like me snort Pain-aids..for the caffine….I did slam somethen once in the bar…it was Kick ass, but not much of that stuff around here…Not much of nothen around here…Dead end Arkansas…. Love your videos !! Always wanted to do what U R doing…no opportunities…Yeah…I didn’t use my real name here…But it could be my stage name !! 🙂

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