CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Horse Trailer Gulp

Horse trailers turn me on.  The smells, wood rails rubbed smooth by horse flesh; it all makes my balls stir.  I needed hay and found a ranch that had it to sell.  I called and later got a call from a guy who identified himself as “Clay, the guy with the hay.” The price was good so we agreed on me being there the next evening to pick up three tons.

When I got there I was greeted by a guy in his 30’s and I could tell he was in great shape that comes from ranch work. There was that stirring in my balls. Out here not too many guys are self-confident enough to nut with another guy, so I’m careful sending out signals.  Small talk led him saying he was the brother-in-law to the owner and the only ranch hand.  We got to the task of loading the hay onto my flat bed.  Loading hay is dusty, dirty work and we were soon both down to tee shirts, jeans and boots.   After tossing the last bails, I asked if beer was in order and pulled out the 12-packer I had in my truck. I said something cheesy about being hot and took the opportunity to discard my sweaty tee shirt.  Clay readily agreed to the brews and stripped off his shirt as well.

We walked around the place shooting the shit, drinking cold beer and admiring the ranch.  Small talk led to marital status and me being a confirmed bachelor.  Clay responded he was divorced with a kid.  After a couple more Corona’s I saw it.  Standing off to the side of an out building was a vintage but neglected 4-horse road trailer.  I mentioned my interest and we headed over to check it out.  As I walked around admiring the craftsmanship, Clay took up under the tongue where it was cooler. As I walked around to where he was, he was holding onto the hitch, his arms over his head, pits fully exposed under those big guns he got pitching hay and working stock.   I intentionally stepped close enough to smell his man-stink.  Taking a chance I said, “Nice arms.”  He just stared.  I didn’t know if I was going to get punched or what.  He spit on the ground and said, “You want to suck me off?”  My answer was dropping to my knees in front of him, tugging my dick out.  I looked up, Clay nodded and I hauled out his long, fat cock.  In three gulps and a gag, I had him balls deep in my gullet.

He hissed “Yes suck it” spreading his legs. I concentrated on giving this cowboy a blow job he wouldn’t forget.  I pulled back to get a deep breath, hocked up more slobber and went nose to bush on him.  I edged Clay for a good hour under the hitch of that horse trailer. When I tugged his hairy nuts it made him sway from one foot to the other.  Soon his hips were pumping to meet my mouth.  When he started to breathe heavier and faster I’d pull off and let him settle down.  I didn’t know when I would get a chance with a stud this hot again and I wanted to make him last as long as possible.   I took him on a long edge session and went to pull off to let his prostate shrink and catch my breath.  Clay grunted “No,” punched his dick back down my throat, bent his chest over my head and started to face fuck me.  He wrapped his arms around my head making sure I was going nowhere until he was done. I totally got into his skull fucking me.

His legs were like tree trunks and I couldn’t keep my hands behind my back any longer, so I grabbed them and held on.  Clay grunted “I’m cumming!” and spurts of his cum shot down my throat.  He was buried deep enough that I got most of it in my belly but he was still shooting when he pulled out and slicked up my face.  As I held onto his leg, I stroked off between his boots. Clay moaned “Shoot, guy.” I came so hard we heard my splat hit the ground. When I finished cumming, Clay pulled me to my feet and into a deep, passionate kiss.  When we pulled back he looked me in the eye and said “I know I can count on your discretion.”  Nodding yes, I got dressed and left.  This past August I called the ranch and was told the previous owner had died and his widow sold the place.

Courtesy of a TIMFan Robby.

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