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Hey, horny fuckers.

This has been a crazy week, filming the music video as well as planning and doing test shoots for model agencies etc, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about some of the naughtier encounters I’ve had in the past–namely in and around religious buildings around the world.

This one took place in a lovely, small, quiet Italian town in the north of Italy (it was either Modena or Ferrara; I’m so bad with names and never remember). I was on tour with my dance company, performing  Romeo and Juliet at the town’s old theatre, an amazing building.  On my day off I wandered around the city walks, which were large and grassed over, like the old medieval town it is.

I was wearing tight red shorts that were rubbing against my crouch and it was a hot and sticky day, so of course I got a huge hard on almost poking out of the shorts. I looked around–it was very quiet, just some old people walking slowly in front of me–and wondered where I could strip off or pull it out and have a wank.

Then I spotted a few gravestones and walked towards them. When I turned the corner, an amazing old Italian graveyard opened up in front of me, with memorials  all over the place, and statues of beautiful, partly broken stone angels and cherubs decorating the mausoleums. I was like, “Awesome, a perfect desolate churchyard–exactly what I needed.!” I opened one of the half broken doors and went in. Some old and dusty plastic flowers were on the small altar next to a little old crucifix.  I pulled down my pants after closing the door behind me, and started wank off slowly, taking in every detail of the small chamber

After 10 minutes or so of enjoying my quiet wank in the hot weather, I noticed a mirror behind the altar and saw the reflection of a young man through the small side window of the chamber. I shrugged quickly and pulled up my pants. Too late–he had already seen me and was approaching. A thousand thoughts rushed through my brain. I decided to just pretend I didn’t understand and ramble some gibberish in Swedish (that had worked on numerous previous occasions being caught wanking in public, hehe).


The door slowly opened and the young man entered. I was just about to start speaking when he hushed me with a finger on my lips and moved closer. I was so surprised, I just stood there. He was really hot, looked a bit like a straight, Italian gardener type of guy with his shirt half done up.  He pushed me up against the altar and kissed me roughly. I responded by grabbing his firm bum and pulling him towards me, He started pulling on my pants and I helped him take them off. Then I undid his pants and went down on my knees, revealing his large sunkissed cock, juicy with excitement. I started sucking it and could taste his salty precum.

Pulling me up, he turned me around and started licking my bumhole till it was nice and wet. Then he pushed his cock straight up it. I yelped and jerked forward, not used to bottoming and especially not for such a big cock. This was the first anonymous bareback cock I ever had, and I was loving every centimetre of it, hehe.


He pumped me hard and built up to his climax. At the exact moment he pumped his load deep in me, I shot my load all over the crucifix that fallen on the floor in front of the altar. Two seconds later, I saw  the shadow of an elderly woman in the mirror, as she walked by to lay some flowers on the grave next to the chamber we were inside. We both ducked down so fast, still with our pants and shorts around our ankles, giggling like little school girls.


After the woman left, the young man kissed me goodbye and left. Still dripping cum out of my hole, I sat there for another hour, shaken yet excited.

I wonder what ever happened to him? Things we will never know, hm…

Life is so strange, with all these random encounters and lives crossing our paths. It’s truly miraculous. I do love life, and love sex.



Hugs – Anton

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  1. The adrenaline rush you get from doing stuff like this is amazing. Public fucking with the chance of getting caught is always the best.

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