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Because I’m a pornographer I think it’s important to maintain a professional distance from the men I shoot.  But there are some men I can’t even think of resisting.

I rented a cheap motel room.  I don’t know why, but they always feel best for this kind of sex.  Silvino brought the oranges—tangerines?—and when he ate one it was one of the few times he didn’t seem nervous.

The room smelled of oranges.  And I have to admit that for a while I hid behind the camera.

Words can’t describe the pleasure of his company.

Enjoy – Paul Morris

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    1. and actually, now that you mention it….. that would only make that hot boy hotter… know he had just been POZ’ed up by so many different carriers with SO many different strains of BUG-juice….. damn that’s just fuckin’ hot as hell

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