CUMSLOPPY STORY || Meat in the Woods

When I was younger about 19 I used to go on gay chatrooms a lot, now I’m bi and it used to be a massive turn on for me seeing these big cocks and guys cumming everywhere in porn films. I thought to myself I’d love to suck a nice cock and to feel him cum on my face.

So I started chatting to this one guy who didn’t live too far away from me, about half an hours drive and he said that he was gay and loved for a young guy to meet outside to suck his dick and maybe for him to fuck my tight virgin hole, so we arranged for him to pick me up by a petrol station and go to some woods near by, I left the chatroom to get ready.God I was so nervous, meeting a guy for the first time to suck and maybe to fuck me! So I showered up cleaning my bum and cock and went to meet him where we arranged.

I got to the petrol station and he was waiting for me in the layby, I walked over to him and got in and said hello, he was just as nervous as me saying he has never done this before, he was young, fit black hair and quite athletic. We drove around for a bit pulling up in a car park by the woods, we got out and started walking down a lane into the woods making short chit chat as we went.A few mins later I stopped in a quiet little area where no one could see and said this will be a good place, I walked up to him and he started pulling down his tracksuit bottoms which revealed he wasn’t wearing underwear then his soft cock popped out with a neatly trimmed pubes! I thought to myself wow as he pulled them all the way down. I got onto my knees quickly and put my hand on his cock which felt lovely and warm! I then put it by my mouth pulling back his foreskin and slowly licking the head! It tasted nice as precum started oozing out, I began to slowly wank him off thinking I can’t believe I’m doing this!

About a minute later he started getting hard and I started to suck his 7 inch hard dick trying not to gag as I put it down my throat. I started getting hard myself as I both wanked him and sucked him off. I lifted my other hand up and started playing with his balls which were quite big and shaved. He started moaning and holding my head as I started going faster. About 15 mins later I stopped and undid my jeans pulling out my rock hard dick telling him to suck mine! I wanted to see what it felt like when a man sucks me off and it felt great. He was going to town on my dick deep throating me and licking my shaft. After a while he went round to my bum bending me over and putting me on my knees, I spread my cheeks for him showing him my tight hole as he started to rim me and oh my god it felt amazing! I thought i was going to cum.

He then put a condom on and tried to put it in me but it just hurt too much! With no lube it just didn’t want to go in so I got back on my knees, took his condom off and sucked him like there was no tomorrow. A little while later he said he was close so I put my head back slowly and told him to cum on my face. He carried on wanking himself off then all of a sudden out of no where a big wad of cum hit my forehead going down to my nose. And it kept coming! Hitting me on my chin, my cheek and a bit in my hair! He came loads. I could smell his cum and he said wow that was alot! We stayed there for about 5 mins then I wiped off his cum with a sock then did my jeans up and we walked away like it never happened.

I wish I kept his number because I would have loved to do it again and if you are reading this thank you for a great night! And sorry my bum was too tight.

Courtesy of TrueSexStories.

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  1. Damn! I wanted it to end with a load in his ass. Im sure if he would have tried it with out the condom it would have slid right in. FUCK CONDOMS.

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