CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blueberry Mountain Seed

I’m in a committed relationship, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. My boyfriend and I love to hike, and one time we were hiking in August in New Hampshire, and there were blueberries everywhere on the top of the mountain. As we were hiking down from lunch on the very top, we found a gigantic patch full of berries, and began picking them.

As we filled up all the containers we had with giant, juicy blueberries, I started to get horny. I took my partner’s hand, and led him behind a tree, grinning. He kind of knew what was coming when I got on my knees and unzipped his fly. As I lowered his pants and pulled his dick out, it became instantaneously stiff. I stuffed it in my mouth, and sucked it for 30 seconds while fingering his butt hole. When I took a breather and looked up at him, he said exactly what I wanted him to say: “Do you want to fuck me?”

I replied, “Uh-huh!” So then we walked further away from the trail, but still apparently within sight of it (as my boyfriend later told me). I took up my position behind him and began to caress his sexy body. Soon we had our pants around our ankles, and I was lubricating the tip of my penis with blueberry saliva. I took my large member in my fist and pressed it against his entrance. As I pushed in, there was a sucking sound, and my boyfriend made a funny face. I pushed in a little more, and then stopped to let his sphincter relax for my thick rod. I pulled out a little, then pushed in some, repeating this motion until his ass got used to my size and he started to get into it. I grabbed his waist with my wet hand, and gently fucked his perfect butt. He took my other hand and put it to his mouth. After a few more applications of saliva, my penis was sliding in and out comfortably, hitting his prostate as it slipped forward. I told him I was getting close and he said I could cum. I let lose, vigorously pressing against his p-spot and pumping his rear end full of my life juice. A few seconds later, he lost it as well, his cum dripping onto the blueberry bushes underneath us.

I gently pulled out and some of my cum dripped out of his butt. Then we tried to clean him up and we pulled up our pants, and off we went, down the mountain.

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