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It was lunch time and I wanted a mouthful of cum. I remembered seeing Jacob working in his dads newsstand. I haven’t seen him in a few months. The last time was when I sucked him off in my car behind the mall. We got busted by mall Security. But that turned out OK because I sucked him off also.

Anyway, I walked onto the news corner. Jacob saw me and smiled. No one else was in here right now.  We talked for a few mins. Dude, he said. I haven’t had a blow job in months. My nuts are gonna explode!  Somehow Jacob talked me into getting down in back of the front counter. It really didn’t take much convincing. I wanted his cock.

I was in a spot that no one could see. Just as I got down the lunch crowd started coming in. Reaching up I unzipped Jacobs pants. I rubbed his penis through his under shorts. His cock was growing fast! I then undid his belt. I pulled Jacobs pants down as he sold newspapers and candy. I was about to get my candy. I licked the head of his penis. A couple drops of pre cum bubbled to the tip of his amazing penis.

Sucking and playing with his penis and balls. I don’t know how he was able to talk to customers. His cock was leaking huge amounts of pre cum. I swallowed his cock to his balls! Jacob was sweating and breathing hard. Moving from his balls to his ass I dove in with my tongue! Jacob was sweating profusely! Customers were asking him if he was sick! I tongue fucked him till his legs were shaking! Then I got around to the front of him. I teased his penis with my tongue! Jacob was practically passing out! Still talking to customers.

I sucked Jacobs penis to his balls and was able to lick his balls as his cock was in my throat! Jacob let loose with a tsunami of boy cum. I almost choked but was able to gulp and swallow most of his sweet cum! I could hear Jacob trying to talk to customers as he blew his load down my throat. Suddenly he said something that stunned me. Yeah, I’m getting blow job! Then he laughed. He was telling a joke to one of the college guys. I herd him laugh also and leave the store. He continued to empty his balls.

I heard the bell on the door ring as someone else came in. Jacob suddenly was trying to pull his pants up! Wtf, I thought, but no sooner did I think that and I saw a pair of shoes standing next to me. Cum on my face, Jacobs pants down, and his older brother standing next to us. He was looking at me, his mouth hanging open…

Courtesy of BoiCumm.

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