DRUNK ON CUM PT. 6 || Pre-Release Scene “HARD TRAINING” Available Now

JAMES ROSCOE came to me asking for a big favor—he wanted to get to the next level as a cocksucker. He needed work on three things: endurance, gag-reflex, and cum-guzzling. “I’ll pay you whatever you want, if you’ll help me out,” he said. – No sooner said than done.

JAMES has always been a great cocksucker: he never hesitates to get down on his knees, open wide, and suck whatever is put in front of him. “I don’t give a fuck what the guy looks like, so long as he has a dick that needs sucking.” 

But it’s one thing to love sucking cock and it’s another to be able to keep yourself going, cock after cock, load after load. You can’t just be willing; you have to have staying power.  I got together an anonymous group of nine hung, horny men. I put them in a room with JAMES and told them to use his mouth however they saw fit.  And as a special training bonus for JAMES—something he didn’t know about—I added a big jar full of 40 stud-donated loads. AVAILABLE NOW, ONLY FROM TreasureIslandMedia.com



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