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Not the kind of man I’m usually intrigued by, but how could I say no to the offer of a photo shoot?  Elliott, Nick and I played with lighting quite a bit. Some of the experiments with lighting had a kind of snarky effect, not altogether what I was hoping for. Warhol called mens’ bodies ‘landscapes’. This guy is an entire nation.

Enjoy – Paul Morris


  1. I agree with the comments. There is definite interest and demand in putting beautiful men like this in your films.

  2. Fuck, I would just love to be pounded by a horny muscle fucker like this beautiful man . Well done Paul , you’ve certainly git the eye

  3. Fuck, what an awesome daddyfucker he would make in one of your epic fuck projects . He should be my prize when. Get my Fucktards ink … What you think Lads grrrrr joeUK

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