Casting Call || Bishop


Bishop is incredibly handsome and down to earth. After watching “The Island” a few years ago  he decided to pursue his porn career and has always wanted to work for TIM. 

He is a bottom who really enjoys cum. Bishop  gets into WS, DP, and sucking dick. He prefers to be rimmed but enjoys both. 

The proceeding is from his application. What do you think, should we pick up Bishop for a scene or two?  Enjoy his application , then go to Facebook and vote.

Bishop’s Application. –

  • [cock size] => 7″
  • [cut/uncut] => cut
  • [height] => 5’9″
  • [weight] => 178 lbs
  • [hair] => brown
  • [eye] => brown
  • [bodytype] => jock
  • [ethnic] => white
  • [recdrug] =>  Not currently
  • [fucking] => bottom
  • [sucking] => vers
  • [piss play] => bottom
  • [nipple play] => bottom
  • [felching] => bottoms
  • [fist fucking] => bottom
  • [rimming] => vers
  • [S&M] => vers
  • [turn ons] => Someone who is outgoing and confident. I usually like guys a little taller built from swimmer to muscular. Like somewhat dominant men but fun as well.
  • [turn offs] => Poor hygiene
  • [fanatasy] =>  I want to be a cum slut for a group of guys and I want to get a treasure island tattoo.
  • [sexual talent] =>  I would have to say that several different times I have been told that I am the best bottom that someone has ever had. I have an ass that makes guys want to fuck it.

Should Jeb Be Our Next TIMWhore? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. WTFWHORE.. We should connect. Im interested to know who you are and ask you about more about the nightmare trainwreck we both tried to love. I’ve always written nonfiction professionally …the memoir I write about this will be so colorful that my readers won’t believe its validit. HELL. I lived through it and can hardly believe it. thank you for helping me feel like I’m not crazy. Email me if you like

    1. BTW, this is truthaboutlove the author of the post that you replied to. I cant seem to login to DISQUS with my original login. if you email me I can verify all sorts great shit we probably both experienced.

    2. WTFWHORE & thetruthaboutlove, you two really do need to get a life. How fucking sad are you two? I hope you meet each other at,
      fall in love forever and share your “Bishop STI’s and lonely heart’s club stories.” With you both together it would save two relationships. Get a room.

      1. You must be a pig? HIV? gutter slut? probably perfect for this site also. spread the HIV. HAHA I really don’t care anymore, My life is better this way 🙂 Not my life so truly i don’t care, but i still speak my mind. done the end. CTR whores!

        1. Well. Pinhead, you’re wrong. But somehow that doesn’t surprise me. Not poz here. I’m glad your life is “better this way” which means you have no life. That’s why you just post stupid things thrashing other guys you are obviously jealous of. Your WHORE name tellls all.. Go fuck yourself. You sound like a bitchy queen who doesn’t get enough cock. And for good reason. Now go back under your bridge and guard the billy goats, ok?

  2. Until two weeks ago, I was fuckbuddies with the guy who now refers to himself as “Bishop.” He isn’t quite as masculine as he seems. Although very good looking in person, nice and polite. but don’t get on his bad side. lol. This guy could really go places. He is an outstanding visual artist. Hope his inflated ego doesn’t prevent his porn potential. His ego sure ended our friendship.. that and catching two STI’s from him in 4 months. But good luck to Bishop, the guy needs something positive in his life. Mostly talk, little walk. More style than substance–unless you are paying for his substance.

    1. interesting.. I also was fuck buddies with him too, until I was treated for an STI, he then tried to blame me. plus i thought we were more than that this year. lol. I saw the light and finished talking to him this thanksgiving. FUnny he told me he wasn’t fucking anyone else but me, thats a lie since you guys were fucking. sounds like he was “seeing” you also. So sick of the lies. He is perfect for TIM, he loves drugs, loves bareback, he doesnt care about being poz and he doesnt care about respecting honesty and friendship and dates multiple guys and lies about them. Relationship? No, this guy needs to just be fucked and used up. HE took a few of my loads, im just glad I ended it

      1. we all think we are more than that. It’s part of being KUNZ’d. The universe wasted its breath creating this guy. Now his little brother? fantastic DJ…. is everything his brother longed for but never achieved.

        1. Honestly, I am not trying to tear him down. he can do what he wants, but he will be lonely. porn doesn’t lead to anything but drugs and depression, im sorry no one is happy doing that. truly. besides I make more at my job lol. Its his life, its just sad to see someone who has so many conflicts and potential throw it away, he will do more meth and continue to be unemployed and seeking others validation. porn is his desire. thats fine, but he needs to learn to not drag other people around. at least be an honest cum slut. Sure ill watch the porn and jerk off to it. haha its just sex anyway 😀 good luck Ben! I am interested to see him get fisted, lol. loosey goosey..

    2. The fact he gets fisted and other things, he just can’t realize telling the truth is better. He lied about everything from day one. Good luck Bishop be a cum dump and realize you’ve lost at least two friends. his ass was loose anyways. Never again will he have the chance to lie to me again.

  3. Bishop looks hot to me. Nothing’s better than a masculine bottom who loves cock and cum. He has a great body and sexy face. It looks like he really knows how to open his legs wide for men. I hope he will be making hot videos for TIM soon. WOOF!

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