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Hey, guys. 

My mum always told me about sexual liberation when I was young but I never quite knew what she meant. Later I came to understand she was talking about feminism and liberation from sexual stigmas in society, etc.

For me, as a gay man in a big, multicultural city like London, true sexual liberation came much later and in a very bizarre way — in the way of this blog chronicles, actually.

There is something so emotionally gratifying (and horny, of course, hehe) about being able to have an output for all these naughty things I do and get myself into, and to share them with others without shame. Before I started writing these posts, I thought I lived in my own little world, tinkering along like normal but with this dark, bubbling, raw sexuality hidden under the surface, wanting to get out but somehow not managing to.

I have had sooo much amazing feedback from you guys out there reading my little scribbles, and I’m very grateful and humbled by it all. You guys rock! Cruising toilets and random sex, etc. isn’t all that bad after all, hehe. We all find our own ways around our sexuality, I think, and now I can proudly say to my mum that even I am sexually liberated, hehe. (I doubt it was like what she meant but male sexuality is very different from female sexuality, I believe.) 


Apart from these thoughts, this week has been very hectic. I got back from Berlin, and my hubby got back and started triple cleaning the flat (bless him, hehe). We’ve been editing the music video together with Liam Cole. I had some amazing blowjobs in the cultural centre toilets, playing with some horny office boys, and of course tasting some real big man cock in the tube station toilets — love a good lunch load before my sandwich, hehe; daily protein shake, here we go.


Today I have a lunch date. A proper one, hehe, wish me luck.

Oh, and we spoke with an awesome Danish artist who wants us to do a music video for her next track release. Could be fun, hehe. 

Till next time.

Hugs – Anton

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  1. saw you recently walking around soho. wanted to say hello but was too shy 😉 where do you go for sucking of in public toilets? love to go down on a hot straight builder. ;)))

    1. Hehe u Should have cum and said hello, I’m always happy to meet new horny guys hehe and there is always a toilet available somewhere for a quick blow hehe

      Hugs a

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