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Hi, guys.

This week I will be writing about one of my naughtier fetishes (well, apart from the barebacking, of course, hehe). It’s about sleeping sex.

I used to have this boyfriend a couple of years ago who, after we’d been out in town for drinks (he drank alcohol and me sprite, as usual, lol), used to fall asleep so deep you could literally do anything to him. It’s very naughty, I know, but sometimes I couldn’t help myself from starting to play with his bum, hehe. The first time it happened I started by pulling the blanket away to reveal his pink little butthole, than made it wet with my tongue, licking it good. As he snored, I slowly started fingering him. First one finger, then two, and then three — and he was still sleeping, hehe.


After a while I got a bit braver and pulled my cock out of my pants, obviously rock hard already, and got into a spooning position next to him (he always slept on his side with bum towards me —perfect, I know; he was asking for trouble, lol, always naked…) and started to rub my cock against his wet boyhole. It felt so good, and I really took my time to enjoy it, hehe.

After a while I started to push inside him. Little by little I eased into him, sometimes pulling out and spitting on my cock to make it wetter. He was still sleeping hard. I couldn’t believe it but I got even braver and pushed deeper inside him, all the way, till the whole shaft of my rock hard 8″ uncut cock was inside him. It was amazing. Loving it, I started to slowly pound him, then faster and faster till I shot a huge load inside his hairy bumhole. I left my cock in his juicy hole for a long while, feeling his hole tight but a bit sloppier than before around my hard cock.


Eventually my hard on went down and the slipped out of his juicy boyhole by itself. I went down to lick up the cum dripping out of his hole and crawled back up next to him and fell asleap spooning him.


A couple of other times I used a large dildo on him and he never woke up. I would take pics and film it to show him after. He loved it, hehe. At first he couldn’t believe he could sleep through it, but he did.

There is something so horny and naughty about fucking a sleeping guy, I just can’t help it! But do remember to ask for their consent beforehand (in a waking moment, obviously), so you don’t get yourself into legal trouble, etc ., hehe…

On that note, have a very naughty week and try not to get into more trouble than you can handle, lol. And, as they say on telly, don’t try this at home… (hehe).




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  1. It happened to me as well twice and loved it! The first time in Berlin with a guy I found in a bar. Took him back to the hotel but we were exhausted so we slept. Next morning he started fucking me bb while I was sleeping.
    The second time was with a Moroccan boy. We went to my place after the porn cinema. He fucked me around 7 times and also when he woke up. My ass was so sloppy and messy after that!
    Both times woke up! But it was such a great feeling and a kind of sweet sex, was feeling like a cunt full of cum that was owned by them!
    Looking forward for the next time of course.

  2. My ex used to fuck me in my sleep. I loved the idea of it but would have preferred to be awake so I could have enjoyed it! I woke up a few times to the feeling of him inside me and it was absolutely amazing. I miss that :o(

  3. A buddy of mine takes Ambien sometimes to sleep. I had to put him to bed once and wondered if I was a better friend for not fucking him, or if I would have been a better pal to plug him (we’ve had sex before, so no taboo there). If it happens again, I’m in him!

  4. BTW, in the T.I.M. What I Can’t See 2’s hottest scene is the one with the “bi” carpenter who gets bred while knocked out with pills and alcohol. It’s an EPIC until itself.

  5. I had a BF back in the 80s who would get so drunk, all day the next day he’d reek of alcoholic sweat. So when he would pass out on the floor of my house on his way to the bedroom, I would take his empty jack bottle and lube it with vaseline and fuck his ass with it. To this day he probably believes he would fuck himself with it, and then pass out.

  6. Hot Story. One of my early sex explorations involved a step uncle. On a sleep over at my mom’s, all of us kids were sleeping on the living room floor – camping style. My hot hairy step uncle (my grandmothers 2nd husbands son) was near me. While he was sleeping I could smell his muskiness and feel the heat from his body. I could resist touching him. I gently reached over him and grabbed his cock under his tighty-whities, my trembling hands slowly massaging his growing member. Just as he reached a full erection, he stirred and I quickly withdrew my hand and rolled over pretending I was asleep. He ascertained what I had done and reported this to my Mom. This was the beginning of my coming out to my family. To this day I can vividly remember how his cock felt in my hand.

    1. I just watched the first episode of the US version of Shameless…it had the gay kid go into his neighbor’s bedroom to get cigarettes for the woman of the house, her boyfriend/husband was laying naked on the bed…the gay kid was like UBER nervous as the naked guy woke up and asked for a cigarette before the kid ran out of there. OH what they could have DONE had it been a William Higgin’s Video!

  7. Your stories aren’t bad (hehe), but unless you are a texting 13-year-old the constant use of ‘hehe’ makes you sound like an idiot (hehe).

  8. I did that to my first partner 30 years ago. He never woke up while I fucked him. But the look on his face when he got up and noticed something was “different” was priceless. ; )

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