CUMSLOPPY STORY || From the Front & Back

While serving in the Navy, I was stationed in Naples, Italy for a couple of months due to an accident I had on a operation we were involved in. I was living in the Hilton and I got bored and decided go out for a walk and see the city. As I was walking around, I found a Porn Theater and paid the 10 Lira {about 3 dollars}. I walked into the theater and it was pitch black so I had to feel my way for a seat.

I had just sat down and I felt a pair of hands rubbing my chest and nipples from behind. A second pair of hands came across from the right and started rubbing my dick through my jeans. The second pair undid my belt and pulled me up so my jeans would fall to the floor. My 7″ dick grew to its full length and a warm pair of lips started sucking my dick like it was a straw. As this was going on, another pair of lips was tongue fucking me from behind. The feeling of one pair of lips in front and a second pair from behind was sending me into total ecstasy.

As the tongue was working my backside, I felt one of them insert a finger into my man pussy, fucking in and out while they were licking me. This went on for like an hour when I felt hands pulling me down to the seat. I started to sit when I felt the head of a dick pushing onto my man pussy; I have always been a top, but for some reason I wanted to try being a bottom at that moment .

The mushroom head pushed through and bolt of pain shot through me for a moment. He waited for the pain to go away and pushed slowly into my ass. I felt the pleasure flowing through me and I started moving up and down on his pole, when the pair of lips (which had been sucking me all of this time) removed themselves. Then I felt a hole sliding down my dick as I was riding one myself.

I hada dick in my ass and either an ass or a pussy sliding down mine. I could feel the eruption brewing in my balls. The dick in my ass shot a load of cum deep in my ass at the same time I blew a 3-month supply of cum in the hole I was attached to. We sat there for 10 minutes as I felt the dick in my ass starting to grow smaller. I could feel the load in my ass dripping down onto the seat.

Now, I felt a pair of hands picking me up in a standing position as the wet hole slid off of my dick. I felt both bodies move away from me, as I rested holding onto the seats in front of me. I never did find out who these two were, as it was pitch black, as I said before. I pulled my jeans up, buttoned my shirt, and tried to walk out of the theater (which is hard to do at that moment). I went back just about every night to that theater trying to find out who the two were.

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